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Good Keywords

Updated on July 25, 2012

Royalty Free Image Credit: Shower Curtain

What are Good Keywords?

Keywords are what a person types into a search engine when they are searching for something. Good keywords will both pay well and produce a decent amount of traffic. You want to have good keywords on your web page so that you receive some of this free traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Hopefully then you will make some money when you combine good keywords with other on page and off page SEO, Search Engine Optimization techniques.

If you pick keywords that are too competitive then you will have little chance of ranking well for them in the search engines. Very generic one word or two word keyword phrases are usually just too competitive for you to rank well in a decent amount of time.

Long tail keywords, which is typically a keyword phrase containing 3 or more words, are much easier to rank for as compared to one or two word keyword phrases.

A great way to find long tail keywords that are the most searched for is to use this custom Google link. Using Google with the options that link provides will make Google use the auto suggestion feature. Next type in a short one or two word keyword phrase and pay close attention to the longer tail keyword phrases Google suggests in the drop down box. These phrases are the most searched for long tail keyword phrases and are great to target.

I wish I would have used this Google auto suggest feature when researching keywords for this hub. I see that by typing in "Good Keywords" that two of the suggestions are: "Good Keywords For SEO" & "Good Keywords Online". I might have an easier time ranking well for the one about SEO than the much broader "Good Keywords" that I am targeting here. And the search volume is still very high so there would be little if any of a traffic trade-off. Some longer tail keyword phrases could actually get more traffic too.

While the best keywords do pay very well it does you no good if you receive no traffic from them. So it is a balancing act of picking good ones, but not so good that you have no chance of seeing any traffic from them.

Lousy keywords will pay very little and have little search engine traffic flow from them. So your goal is to shoot for the middle of the road here.

For your web page or Hub to do well on the search engines it is essential that you target the right keywords. The right keyword will have a good amount of traffic and pay well.To do this will require a bit of research to help you to choose the best ones.

Put yourself in the users shoes and ask yourself: What would a person most likely type into Google if they was looking for the product you have for sale or the information on your web page?

Ask family, friends and coworkers to help you with this. You may be surprised at some of the suggestions you receive. Everyone thinks differently, this is for sure.

Then you will want to come up with several closely related variations to your main keywords as well. While you might not initially rank well for your main keywords you will often do well with one or more of the variations.

There are several keyword tools to help you pick the right good keywords. I will show you several later on.

The focus of this hub will be how to pick the right keywords to receive a decent amount of search engine traffic. By having good Adwords appear on your web page you will make more money. But also keeping it real so you have a chance of hitting page one for your keywords.

Good Keywords Last Forever
Good Keywords Last Forever

Royalty Free Image Credit: Copper Letters

Good AdWords

Targeting the right keywords means you will have good AdWords appearing on your page that relate to your keyword phrases that pay good for clicks. If you wish to make money from your Google AdWords then you must take the time to target the right keywords.

Good Keywords Research

When I was creating this hub I first looked at "Good Keywords". Advertisers pay $1.77 for this phrase with a monthly search volume of 880. Thats is not a lot of volume, but enough I can make some money from it. Not crappy, but not too good either. While I would prefer a bit more traffic, it is just about right.

So I thought if that keyword phrase pays that well then "Great Keywords" is probably even better. Well not really. This phrase only pays $0.05 with no real search volume.

If I had of went with "Great Keywords" instead of what I chose I would have no real traffic and only make like a penny a click when I did get a visitor who clicked on my ads. Luckily I'll receive about $0.80 - $0.90 per click thanks to my research. Do you see why doing your keyword research is so important?

Keyword Tools

If your main goal is to have higher paying good AdWords appear on your web page then Google's own Keyword Tool should be your first stop.

First type in the keyword phrase that you think is the best one then click "Get keyword ideas". Then under "Choose columns to display" click on "Show Estimated Avg. CPC" so that it shows you how much each keyword is worth. And finally under "Match Type" click on "Exact".

Now within the first section, Keyword(s) related to terms entered, your main phrase will appear. You will see how much advertisers bid on this phrase on average, advertiser competition, monthly local search volume and global search volume.

You want some keywords that advertisers pay at least $0.50 or more for since you will only receive about 65% of this number. I would suggest $1.00 as a good target when possible. No one knows the exact percentage Google pays since they don't publicly disclose this information. In my opinion it is well below 50% based on my experience.

[UPDATE] Now Google does disclose to AdSense users what percentage of money earned they share with you. I will not publicly state what I receive since it is probably a AdSense TOU violation to do so. But I will say it is well above the 50% I thought.

If you see any that only pay $0.05 and/or say "Not Enough Search Volume" under the "Local Search Volume" column then you have a loser on your hands. Try again.

The more the advertiser competition bar is lit up the more advertisers there are bidding on this keyword phrase from with AdWords. Which usually translates to a higher average CPC for you.

You want enough local search volume so that there are about 1,000 or more monthly searches. The higher this number is, the more users are actually typing this keyword phrase into Google. Any number that is more than 4 or 5 digits is going to be too competitive and too much work for you to make money off of any time soon.

If your targeting a global audience then you can also take into account the Global Search Volume numbers which will often be much higher since it represent the whole planet Earth.

Within both sections you will see suggested related keywords. Pay particular attention to well paying keywords that are not too competitive with a decent amount of traffic. Make a list of these and try and include them naturally within your web page as well, along with your main keywords.

Google has another Keyword Tool called the Traffic Estimator that works pretty much the same as the tool I already explained. So I'm not going to explain this one. Pick the one you like and use it. I suggest the one I explained as it offers more information.

Boxers fighting over keywords
Boxers fighting over keywords

Royalty Free Image Credit: Boxers Fighting

Keyword Search Competition

Next you will want to go to Google and type in your keyword phrase to see how tough the competition is and how many other web sites you will be competing against.

For my main keyword phrase for this hub, Good Keywords I see there are 73,100,000 competing web sites. This information is displayed top right part of the page. I just may be in too deep here. But I am not on to give up just because something is hard. The greater the challenge, the greater the payoff. But for most, this may be too competitive. I don't mind waiting many months, a year or more for a bigger payoff.

Anything that has less than about 3,000,000 is typically not too hard to hit page one on Google, at least for me. 3M - 30M would be moderately hard. Any phrase with more than 30M is going to be a tough cookie to crack and will require great content, a lot of work and a bit of luck.

Next you will want to copy the URL for each of the top ten listings and paste it into the form on this web site that has a Google Page Rank Tool. The higher the web site's PR rating, the harder it will be for you to outrank them. For a good explanation of how Page Rank works go read this.

Once you check the PR of all the top ten listings you will have a good idea what your chances are of getting your web page on to page one of Google. While Google Page Rank used to be very important, it is not so much now days. Page Rank is part of Google's algorithm still and it serves as a good indication of the level of competition your facing.

I have outranked PR5's with a PR0 page, so remember PR is not ALL that matters here. Since It is a good indicator of the level of competition I do suggest paying attention to it to get a feel for what your facing.

While your on Google up top on the left side click on "Show Options" then "Wonder Wheel". Once again write down all the related keywords and keep them in mind when your writing your content. Using the Wonder Wheel and Google's Keyword Tool I discovered a related keyword I am now also targeting on this hub that pays $14.42! While it only has a search volume of 260 I already have the users on this page from the somewhat easier keyword phrase I am also targeting.

It is a good idea to repeat this whole process for each of the related keywords in your list and refine it as you go based on your research. In general you will probably want to be less picky about these related keywords as they are more icing on the cake than anything. Many may be easier to rank for than your main phrase.

By covering many of the related keyword phrases as seen on the Wonder Wheel and in the Google Tool you will be making your web page or hub more relevant which will help it to rank higher. This will also provide you with more income opportunities.


Royalty Free Image Credit: Graph

Keyword Trends

Sometimes it is useful to see what the current trends are for your keyword phrase over time. Google's Trends is your ticket to whats hot and whats not. For less popular phrases it will not return anything useful.

It is also useful to see what the current "Hot Searches" and "Hot Topics" are. Sometimes this tool can be a good way to come up with topic ideas.

Often these will not be evergreen topics with any long term value. Choose wisely.

Google Insights

Google Insights allows you to also see Interest over time, like Trends, but it adds in regional interest, related keywords and rising searches. Where this one is really useful is that you can add 2 or more keywords in and compare them side by side.

More Keyword Tools

  • Similar to the Google's Wonder Wheel there is
  • This Keyword Question Wordtracker tool will tell you what questions users are asking related to your keywords. A great way to come up with topic ideas and highly targeted Title's.

Now that you have decided the best keywords to use I would suggest reading my Effective Keyword Usage on HubPages hub. While it is targeted at HubPages much of the information applies to any web page. It shows exactly how to put your good keywords to use to rank highly on Google.

I don't usually do this, but since this hubs main keywords are so competitive and all. If anyone with a related web page or hub who liked this hub would like to exchange links you can find out how to contact me on my profile page. One-way links are highly appreciated too.

Please leave comments and suggestions below in the comments section. And don't forget to take the poll so I can get your valuable feedback. If anything is unclear feel free to ask in the comments section or by site emailing me via my profile page and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

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Keyword Research Video

HubPages Tips: How to use keyword research to turn a good Hub title into a great one

How To Find a Fantastic Hub Topic

By Anthony Goodley ©Anthony Goodley 2010 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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    • Jared Miles profile image

      Jared Miles 

      6 years ago from Australia

      Really useful Hub MyWebs, thank you for sharing

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 

      6 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand


      This is some great keywords information which I am bookmarking for future use. Thanks for sharing a great hub with us. Voted up and sharing.

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      6 years ago from USA

      Excellent! I like the way you explain things to the level that most people can understand. You really know this stuff inside out.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great hub on good keywords one of the main problems we have to get traffic you mentioned a helpful hub, informative and useful.

    • CakeyCakey profile image


      7 years ago

      Thoughtful and well organized post. I appreciate you sharing your expertise.

    • SoaresJCSL profile image


      7 years ago

      Very good information!

    • pocketaus profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the links, I went through my Hubs today and added extra keywords but it looks like I am going to have to start again after reading your article.

      I used Google trends once to see what was rising on the search ranks and it came up with back pain so I wrote an article on Associated Content and forgot about it for a while. I checked it last week and was pleasantly surprised by my extra traffic.

      I look forward to reading more of your Hubs.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Yes, broad terms are too hard to rank for and to generic usually to make money from. Whereas long tail is very specific, easier to rank for and much better for monetizing. Good luck in your niche Anita and thanks for your insightful comment.

    • Anita Koppens profile image

      Anita Koppens 

      9 years ago

      That's quite a lot of information provided. The long tail is really becoming more important as people learn that most of the traffic comes from specific searches. I work in real estate and that is truly one of the most competitive markets for web visibility so I'm all about winning on the long tail.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Granny's House you could always site email me your questions and I'll do my best to help you out. Some subjects are like that for us and we have trouble wrapping our mind around the subject. Thanks for reading.

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      9 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      MyWebs, thank you so much for the help. I still don't know what I am doing. Something just isn't clicking for me. My husband thinks maybe I am getting saturated. I will bookmark,rate up and Stumble. I know how to do

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks pakpub. I hope you clean out AdSense.

    • pakpub profile image


      9 years ago from Ohio

      Very informative hub. Thanks for the valuable tips.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      I'm always glad to help out travelespresso. I have always been a pack rat.

    • travelespresso profile image


      9 years ago from Somewhere in this exciting world.

      My goodness MyWebs - you have packed a lot of valuable information in this hub. Thanks. You clarified a few points for me and introduced new information.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      There are several ways to do keyword research. I have covered the most common methods here. Thanks Keith.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks Figment. Keyword research can surely help you to earn more AdSense money.

    • KeithTax profile image

      Keith Schroeder 

      9 years ago from Wisconsin

      I am always looking for better ways to write hubs and keyword research. You have some things here new to me, so I am very happy with your well written article. Thanks.

    • figment profile image

      Karli Duran 

      9 years ago from Texas

      Great information. I've always wondered what was the right way to use keywords. I'm going to use Google's keyword tool right now.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks Rebecca. I sure could use the help as I'm up against tough competition with the good keywords keyword phrase.

      Mostly I figured this would help out other hubbers more than anything.

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 

      9 years ago from Canada

      finally a hub on keywords that will help in the long run bookmarked and rated up and once I get stumble up stumbled upon.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks for reading John.

      It really helps a lot to target the right keywords. This hub got me two clicks the other day for a little more than $2 per click! That made my day. I'm guessing those must have been about $8 CPC keywords as seen in the keyword tool.

    • johnyater profile image


      9 years ago from Hamilton, Ohio

      Just wanted to say thanks, this hub has helped out a lot. I had allready been using the google keyword tool, but did not know that you could show the CPC column. Now I will be able to make more informed decisions concerning keyword selection.

      Trust me when I say that I will be going through your other hubs with a fine tooth comb looking for more info that I may have missed.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks Miah. Easy to read maybe because my English grammar skills are not so advanced as others, which seems to be a benefit here sometimes. I love to share what I know with others.

    • G Miah profile image

      Gous Ahmed 

      9 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Fantastic hub, really easy to read and understand. Thank you for sharing this info.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks Internetwriter. I do try and make things easy for everyone to understand to reach as wide of an audience as possible. I remember how long it took me to figure out so many technical terms. It wasn't any fun.

      I think the hub I'm working on now most people will enjoy and its not technical at all, just pure entertainment.

    • Internetwriter62 profile image


      9 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thanks My Webs, This hub is informative and useful. You really explain everything in a way that even people, who are not technical experts, like myself can understand and I appreciate that. This one is definitely a keeper, I will bookmark it and keep it for references. Fantastic hub, keep up the good work.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks jstankevicz. If anything is unclear feel free to ask questions here or by site emailing me and I'll do my best to answer them.

    • jstankevicz profile image


      9 years ago from Cave Creek

      There are so many articles, and HubPages that hop on this topic. Yet when read they generally lack specifics. At first glance, your HubPage seems to have lots of specifics to make your points clear to the uninitiated, like me. Bookmarked to read carefully later. Thank you.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks Peter, I'm glad I was able to help out.

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 

      9 years ago from South East Asia

      Great Hub. Very informative. Read many in a similar vein but I learned from this one. Thank you.


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