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Google Applications (Apps) and How They Can Make Your Life Easier

Updated on July 25, 2017

Google Applications (Apps)

Google Search enables you to quickly find what you are searching for on the internet.

Google Chrome provides you with a speedy, easy to use, secure browser for the modern web.

Google Pixel, Phone by Google, provides you with immediate answers, such as, when your favorite restaurant opens, what is the weather going to be like tomorrow, and the final score of your favorite sports team’s game that was played last night. You can make dinner reservations. You can select a song to hear - and watch its accompanying music video. Google Pixel will help you find the photos (including selfies) that were taken last week, last month, or last year. You can see if a flight is coming in on time, check your schedule, and quickly find out your hotel’s address.

Google Home is driven by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions, tell Google Home to do things. With the support of multiple users, Google Drive can differentiate your voice from the voices of other people in your home. You acquire a more tailored, personal experience since it is your Google.

Google Translate can translate more than 100 different languages for you.

Google Maps provides you with GPS navigation, traffic alerts, transit directions, interactive maps, and much, much more.

Google Play provides you with the ability to purchase a Music subscription. This subscription provides you with millions of tunes, free of ads and on demand.

YouTube provides you with entertainment and information through videos and music. YouTube enables you to learn, view, listen, and share music and videos with others.

Chromecast enables you to stream flicks, tunes, and even more from your smart phone to your television.

Google Play Movies & TV provides you with the latest releases, including your favorite flicks, even on your television.

Daydream View gives you the personal experience of virtual reality (VR). For you to experience this virtual reality, all you need to do is just slip into a Daydream-ready phone. Then, you are ready to receive the exhilarating experience of a high quality, portable VR (which comes with a controller and a headset).

Keep in Touch with Gmail (which is Google email) (a Google Allo app) enables you to say more, say it better, and proclaim your emotions. You can do all of this by way of stickers, doodles, text, and many large emoji to enhance your responses and present your mood enthusiastically.

Google Duo is a video calling app that enables you to view who is calling when you receive a phone call. Then, you can decide whether you want to take the call, let the call go to voice mail, or call the person back later.

Google+ enables you to view millions of pictures of what you enjoy, make comments on those pics, submit your own pics, and leave comments on other’s pics and comments. You can also watch selected videos that others have submitted (or your videos), and listen to your selected songs all on Google+. You can add your photo and your profile if you like. You can follow other Google+ members on this site, and they can follow you.

Organize your Things (Contacts, Photos, Calendar, Notes, etc.) is also brought to you by Google: You can find your pictures, contacts, notes, important dates, written and voice notes, etc., easily and quickly with this useful Google application.

Google Wi-Fi is a system that provides you with dependable, high-speed service in every room of your house. “You can enjoy Wi-Fi throughout your home, on your devices. Google Wi-Fi is a home Wi-Fi solution that works with your modem and Internet Provider, so you can stream, download, and share without missing a beat” states Google (2017). Google Wi-Fi enables you to use all of your screens wirelessly (across the board), such as Android phones, Android watches, Chromebook laptops, desktop computers, and Android auto including navigation, music, and music in your vehicle while you are traveling.

Work Smarter than Ever with these Google Apps:

Google Docs (free) enables you to write, edit, and collaborate with others easier, quicker, and more perceptively.

Google Sheets (free) enables you to create and edit your documents, etc., by yourself. Google Sheets also enables you to collaborate with others on changes to be made, wherever you are, whether you are online or not, and at different times from one another. Google Sheets makes this work more convenient for everyone to work together on an important project.

Google Slides (free) enables you to show and use your date more efficiently with spreadsheets that you can edit anywhere and anytime.

Your Business Grows:

AdWords enables your Google ad to be seen every day and every night to an unlimited amount of online traffic and visitors. Your ad will be seen by consumers, right away, at the minute they conduct a Google search for the products/services you provide. Then, you are paid when they click on your website or when they make the call.

Google AdSense (free) enables you to turn what you like to do for a profit. AdSense is an easy way for you to earn money just by allowing Google Ads to be placed on your Google AdSense-approved website.

Google Analytics enables you to receive better results on all of your online websites and offline channels, and apps. Google Analytics Solutions provides many advertising analytics merchandises to companies of various sizes which provides businesses with an even improved understanding of their customers.

Google My Business (free Google listing) attracts new customers to businesses. As soon as consumer searches for a product or service that you are providing, Google My Business makes your ad appear right away for the user to view. Creating and updating your listing so that it pops which brings many more customers to the business. Need to update your address, telephone number, etc., Google My Business makes it easier to create and update your info (Google, 2017).


Google. (2017). Retrieved online at


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