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Google Web Store - New York Times App Review

Updated on January 27, 2011

This afternoon Google released its Chrome Web Store where users can purchase thousands of apps, extensions, and themes for the Google Chrome web browser. Google uses its checkout system to make transactions easy and fast. The Web Store launched today and includes both free and paid apps. So, let’s take a look at one of the first free releases, the New York Times app for Chrome.

The New York Times has built a pretty fancy webapp for Chrome. If you're already an avid reader of the Times, then this new app this is an excellent way to get caught up with the latest news from many award-winning journalists. The NYTimes app is a sophisticated HTML5 app designed to deliver a compelling reading experience. The interface is simple and attractive, making navigating through stories and photos very easy and pleasant. Browsing and reading articles actually resembles an experience with the iPad, but without being required to touch the screen to turn the page. If you're not satisfied with the default layout, the webapp includes a number of themes to choose from. I chose the theme “Blackout” and included a screenshot below. The app also comes with keyboard shortcuts for browsing without a mouse.

The NYTimes app provides access to a variety of news sections including top stories in business, technology, science, sports, and fashion. Most stories also contain embedded photos that are high-resolution and very crisp. Overall, the NYTimes webapp should be useful for anyone interested in the local or global news and provides a streamlined and interesting reading experience.

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