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Google Does Not Care About High Quality Content

Updated on October 11, 2011

I made this experiment

In 2010 I wanted to know that makes one article rank at the top and the similar article not even indexed at all.

I started a blog using Blogger and an eHow account at the same time - on the same day.

I wrote one article for Blogger about how to make money with articles.

I wrote a similar 100% unique article using the same keywords in both count and density and published on eHow.

The eHow article got indexed in hours where as the Blogger article never got indexed at all.

The eHow article made to the top search results with just three keywords!

How is this possible?

How can the same article have two different ranks in the eyes of Google?

The answer is Google does not know yet how to rank articles, Google judges a site based on the links not based on the quality, Google wants what is popular, what has the most people reading, what makes the highest amount of money for Google.

If everyone likes low quality articles, just as an example, I am not saying people are dumb, Google would rank that article at the top, because that would mean more searches and more money to Google.

Google SEO
Google SEO

Is there anything you can do to rank high?

There are two things you can do:

1. Write for a high ranking blog or site.

2. Make your own site or blog rank high with SEO

The first is the easiest one, you just need to write for a site that already ranks high. This is also the fastest so those searching for quick money follow this advice.

Making your blog rank high takes a lot more time and effort but in the long run it pays the most. First you need to write, write and write, you need to write at least 10K just to become visible on search engines. Once search engines start to come, people will see you on the search results and people will start to come. Natural links will start to appear and with even more effort you manage to get your blog to the top.

Now every article you write will automatically go to the top.

What kind of articles do you need to write? You need to write expert articles, you need to be an expert on what you write. Don't even try to pretend you are the expert. If your article does not solve people's problems, they will not link to you, period.

Which search engine send you the most traffic?

See results

Links from other pages to yours are important, but if these links are old, for example, if they have been made more than 2 months ago, Google gives even more importance to them. This is why you do not see the links you made from your blogs to your site immediately, Google only counts older links.


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    • xmobile profile image

      xmobile 6 years ago from Hubpages, GoogleNet

      Your article makes premium sense. That really is the basis or foundation of their search engine principle - everything else like article quality, duplicate content... simply comes later.