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Google Glass Project - How Does It Deals with Our Privacy

Updated on December 25, 2013
Google Glass Explorer Edition
Google Glass Explorer Edition | Source

What is a Google Glass?

More information regarding the gadget named “Google Glass”, implemented by Google has been sent out. This gadget is believed to lead consumers into reality in the very near future. More information regarding this gadget was disclosed by Google through a Youtube video.

The new video shows the proviso with fewer complications when compared to the video that had been sent out earlier. The first video related to Google glass was sent out by Google in April last year.

Google Glass is a device that could be worn like glasses on the head, which would help consumers to experience the mesmeric world of internet. The “Point of View” interface has been used in this scheme.

From being at the view of a user, videos and pictures can be taken with the help of sound instructions. It can then be uploaded and shared in the social network. How all these things are made possible through the augmented reality proviso, Google Glass, is shown in the Youtube video. A translucent rectangle that helps to conduct video calling, to take video and to understand the climate changes and directions, appears on the upper right side of the vision. It can fit on any face and is going to come out in five different colors.

Project Glass: Live Demo At Google I/O

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The Origin of Google Glass

Google glass is a gadget that was formed in the secret lab named ‘Google X’. It was Sergi Brin, one among the co-founders of the company, who gave direct leadership to this dream project (Sergi Brin had appeared in front of everyone wearing the Google glass at New York subway recently).

Google has also introduced a hash tag (#ifihadaglass), seeking the cooperation of creative people to develop the Google glass gadget. Google had presented the first form of Google glass for the developers in a demonstration that was conducted last year. It was rated 1500 dollars.

Different companies are coming forward with a list of provisos that could be worn on the body. The Google glass is one of the most remarkable among them. Another one is ‘iWatch’ of Apple. Some among them is expected to come out in 2013.

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Advertisements by Google Glass

hose who are developing the applications for that ‘Smart Glass’ have got instructions that advertisements won’t be allowed in Google glass. It has been said in the conditions published for developers that companies won’t be allowed to ask money for applications too.

Google glass is a computer device that can be worn like glasses. The information, videos and messages required for a user appear in the transparent rectangle area in the upper portion of the right eye vision.

In the conditions published by Google it is said that no advertisements will be allowed in this transparent rectangle.


Specialties of Google Glass

Google glass models that contain 5 mega pixel camera and work according to sound instructions are being given to developers, in order to develop applications.

Along with the conditions published for the developers, Google has also provided the first official information regarding the specialties of the device.

Ear phones won’t be required while using Google glass. Instead the sound will reach the ears of the user through his cheek bones. Moreover the glass provides battery life for one whole day.

Google glass will provide a display which would be equal to watching a 63cm screen form a distance of 8 feet. The videos can also be recorded in 720p resolution.

The inbuilt storage of Google glass is 16GB. The glass can be connected to other mobiles through blue tooth. The connectivity is also possible through WiFi.

Google Glass: Official Concept Walkthrough Video

Google Glass
Google Glass | Source

Role of Google glass as an inspiring gadget

It is in between the criticism arisen against Google that it has made it clear that no advertisements will be allowed in Google Glass. Google glass has not only paved the way for disputes but also has become a great inspiration for other companies.

It has been estimated that a device named ‘Telepathy One’ developed by a Japan company Telepathy, would be a device capable of competing Google glass in the market.

It has also been reported that the search monster ‘Baidu’ of China is also coming forward with a project equal to the Google glass.

Google Glass is an attempt that would help a huge amount of data from other sources to be right in front of our eyes. The principles that lead to the invention of Google Glass were an imagination till now that is recently going to turn in to reality.

Google Glass is one of the latest device being discussed by all, and is expected to be released by the end of 2013. Google Glass, the wearable computer is believed to have a lot of advantages. But along with these advantages there are also a lot of disputed connected with the gadget. Go through the article to know more about this cool gadget.


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    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 3 years ago from The Netherlands

      Interesting read. But to be honest the first person speaking to me with a pair on his head might be in for a smack in the face. I find the idea that someone might be filming, photographing, recording or even multitasking when speaking with or to another person quite appaling.