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Google earth,Google street view,Googleblogger,Googlebooks,Google images!! Is there anything Google dosn't do?

Updated on October 6, 2011

Google we now take for granted

Google is something we take for granted and is a household name even if you don't have access to an internet connection and its reported that unbelievably still 9 million people in England dont chances are you have still heard of Google in some way or another.

Google now is much more than just a search engine. There are many search engines out there on the net Bing, Yahoo etc are among many but as a general rule most people think of Google first and have Google set as there home start up page when connecting to the internet. Have you also noticed on many websites you go there is a search toolbar on there look underneath and you will see enhanced by Google .


But apart from being a search engine what else does Google do?

Well for many of us on Hubpages and people using blogs they will know of Google Adsense. This is of course the is affiliate scheme that pays us every time we get one of the Ads on our blogs or hubs clicked. Once you have a google account you can then start to explore Google analytics which is mind blowing in its own right and enables you to view the traffic arriving at your website and blogs going into very in depth detail right down to how people arrived on your site, how long they was on your site and what keywords were typed into which ever search engine they used to find you.This of course is invaluable information to enable you to see how people are arriving at your site and what adjustments you need to take to possibly increase the amount of traffic.Google analytics does take a bit of getting used to but once you get used to it and believe me im still getting to grips with it it provides good interesting reading.I will go into Google Analytics in more detail in another hub but Google do have very good help pages that explain it very well indeed.

Google Girl
Google Girl

Yes but what else does Google do?

Yes sorry i have digressed Google analytics is something you don't understand when you first hear about it but when you discover it and start to understand it you just want to talk about it.

Google Earth

Anyway before i had Google as my internet Homepage i knew Google more for Google Earth which enables you to view across the world with a birds eye view and if you haven't seen it i strongly recommend you do its absolutely fantastic you can find anything from your house to a birds eye view of the Pyramids. Reminds me a little of the Movie Enemy of the State and something to bear in mind if us mere mortals can see what Google allows us to see from a satellite just imagine what you really could see!!!


google earth

Google Street View

More recently we have been able to see a more down to earth view with Google street view which does exactly what it says on the tin it allows us to view everyhting from a street view.Its awesome to think that the google cars have been driving up and down the streets around the world collating all this information for the world to see.Its also brings Google maps to life and is great tool for just having a street view before you drive or visit the area.

Google maps Streetview

Google Blogger

Google blogger if you didn't know already allows you to publish your blogs on the worldwide web and similar to hubpages allows you to have Google Ads and affiliate to an Adsense account.Although not as versatile as Hubpages its another great way of expressing ones self .The setting up is very easy and there are plenty of backgrounds to choose from and its easily customisable add some amazon adds and your well away.



Google Books

Google Books is an Online Library giving you the ability to view books online. Google have scanned in the books and made them available to read.Some books you can read as a preview others you can purchase via your Google account and create your own online Library.

There are literally millions of books old popular and Classics for you too search for and like any library you can even view magazines as well.

And just to give you some idea of how big Google books will eventually be and what a mammoth task it is making all these books available on line Check out these stats from Google. They estimated this year that there is approxiamatly 130 million unique books of and as of july 2010 Google had scanned in excess of 12 million scanning at 1000 pages per hour using the elphel 323 camera.

Google Pacman

Oh and when you think that there isnt much else you can do on Google they also have a mini pacman game on the searchpage where you click the insert a coin button and away you go.Its kinda quirky and for an old arcade fan like myself brought up on space invaders and Pacman i find it really cool and nice to have a little play when you get a couple of spare moments

Google Calculator and a few others

This is actually quite trivial but also kinda cool as well and in the scheme of things something that many have probably overlooked but give it a try anyway if you type in a sum in the Google search bar and click on search hey presto you have you answer Google is a basic straightforward calculator as well or and by the way it can do currency conversion as well as world times it will even convert centigrade to Fahrenheit for you kinda cool huh and i bet if you haven't used it before you will now and i bet you show someone it as well.

I wanted to use this hub to talk about Google and some of the things available rather than go on and on about how you make money from Adsense and give tutorials on using Adwords and Analytics because there is plenty of hubs written about it here on hubpages by people far more intelligent and experienced than me. You can also follow all the help tutorials on the Google site itself thats something you just have to put time aside to sit down and learn.This hub though has only really touched the tip of the iceberg as far as Google is concerned but to summarise Google i would say its innovative, modern, and cool and no doubt there are many new exciting things to come in the future

Google also does great pictures


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      You opened my eyes to Google.I don't want to blink.I might miss something.Very interesting hub.Rated up.

    • Kamran100 profile image

      Kamran100 7 years ago cool hub! Google is really helpful for all over the world..Today Google is need every student, businessman, company,etc....