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Google Keep App Review

Updated on October 31, 2015
Google Keep app on the Nexus 6
Google Keep app on the Nexus 6

Doodling and Note Taking At Its Best

Google Keep is Google’s own Note Taking application that is available on the Google Playstore and iOS for iPhones and iPads as well. You also are able to use it on PCs and Macs and Chromebooks as well. For most Android users, this application is usually pre-installed on the devices such as Nexus phones and tablets. You can even access your notes even while in offline access as well with Google Keep. In Google Keep you could add quick notes, a to do list, images, and even voice recording and set it as a reminder. For the longest time I truly felt this app was missing these biggest features and functions, which makes note taking and doodling great with a Stylus and that is the handwriting and drawing options. You can add an image and doodle all over it. Take a screenshot of an area on the Google Maps and share it with your friend. Now you can circle or highlight a specific section from a site and share it with others. You can just jot ideas or thoughts down as well or just draw something. You can also add your page straight to Google Docs for further more editing or enhancements if needed. This minor, but major update just makes Google Keep a note worthy competitor up against note taking apps such as EverNote and OneNote, which I have used these both for note taking for classes and work.

Capture Whats On Your Mind

You can also use your camera to quickly capture whats on your mind and decide to make a reminder about it later. You can also add your photos to Google Keep. Not enough time on your hands to write everything down, you can use the mic icon to voice record to come back to it lt later.

Share Your Plans And Ideas With Family and Friends

Planning a party or event? Share your ideas and thoughts in Keep and send them to your family and friends. You all can teamwork in real time.

Easy Organized

Create new labels and make each note a seperate color. This a good way to determine which notes are most important from major to minor. If there is something more important than most, you will be sure to find it.

Your Notes Are With You Everywhere You Go

Dont forget that Keep will work on your phone, tablet, computer and also your Android wearables. All of your notes will sync into one place. No matter what device you are using. As long as you are signed into the right account, they will appear.

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Keep Screenshot showing drawing and writing options at bottom
Keep Screenshot showing drawing and writing options at bottom

Top Note Apps

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
Google Keep
Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
These are some of the top note taking apps you can use on all major Operating Systems including Mobile

Google Keep App Review Video

Keep Screenshots on Android

As you can see I like it. So Keep it.
As you can see I like it. So Keep it.

Save Trees

Which app or apps do you use for note taking and doodling? Are you interested in using the Google Keep application now that it has brought handwriting and doodling to the app? Also, do you use a stylus on your smartphone or tablet?


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