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How To Get Movies & TV apps on Android and iOS

Updated on December 19, 2017

Google Play Has Some Free Movies

Google is giving out a lot great freebies! With Chromebooks you have a choice of 3 selected movies to choose from. But if you don't own a Chromebook at all, you are not out of luck. There are over 5 free movies you can download and watch now on any device using Google Play Movies & TV app, including PCs and laptops as well as your iOs and Android devices. Here is all you have to do is just open the Google play movies & tv app or head to the Google Play site and open the Google Play Movies & TV tab, you can find 8 FREE Movies right now for all. Now most of these are documentary movies and animated. But if you have kids, there are some great animated movies for them to watch such as "The Polar Bear" and if you are into the documentaries, there is a decent selction to watch such as "Human" and "The Most Dangerous Town On The Internet". There will be list below of the free movies you can download free from the Google Play.

The List of FREE Movies On Google Play Right Now

Sintel- Animated
The Polar Bears- Animated
EMIC- Documentary
Human Vol. 1- Documentary
Human Vol. 2- Documentary
Human Vol. 3- Documentary
The Creators- Documentary
The Most Danergous Town On the Internet- Documentary

Bo On The Go- Children Shows

Animal Mechanics- Children Shows

Enjoy Free Movies on Google!

Play Movies Right From Your Android Device

Nexsu 6 Homescreen
Nexsu 6 Homescreen

Movies & TV free on Google Play

Watch Now page
Watch Now page
Some of the Free Movies featured in shot
Some of the Free Movies featured in shot

Google Play Movies & TV app on Android Google Play Store

My Google Play Movies Collection Synced with the MoviesAnywhere

Free Movies and TV Shows on iOS


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