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Google Plus Pages Vs Facebook's Pages

Updated on May 17, 2012

Google's phone wars are software based - Amazing Cool OS

The Saga continues between G+ & FB the Business Page wars

Today people world wide are faced with so many options in terms of digital communications, its a very tough thing to choose whats right for each individual. Each day a new idea is released to the public from competing companies, and Internet giants alike.

We have gotten to a point in our existence where most human beings, depend on machines for accessing many basic necessities, as well as complex functions to conduct their everyday business needs. With that being stated its no wonder why everything has appeared to lean towards digital everything in the 21st century, with companies growing rapidly like Facebook, and Google, as well as a vast array of many others leading the forefront of this technology age.

Mobile phones have also been used to leverage many of these newer technologies, into the reality and light of many peoples lives, and has even helped to bring about awareness and change to many people worldwide whom we're in search of a way out of a situation or simply needed to communicate to others on the other side of the globe. Google also waging their mobile wars with the whole onslaught of differing Android phones, and amazing tablets running Google's new OS (Operating Systems), Honeycomb & Ice-Cream Sandwich.

Google is definitely up against some huge competitors online, as well as on the ground & up against the likes of I-phone by Apple, Windows Phone 7, by Microsoft being both top competitors & digital power houses on all other levels as well.

Google Plus Business Pages Video

Its a raging battle!

So if your business is virtually unknown to many folks, it may actually appear as if your potentially trying to spam the many G+ users your connected to via the circles your actual profile has accumulated over time (at a max of 5,000 per active G+ member).

Facebook's limitations stem from the overly promotional side, and they focus on the user not placing promotional campaigns onto their timeline there, and loads more regulations one must read in at sign-up in the terms of service agreement. They both will remove users whom deem to intentionally attempt to exploit either business platforms for malicious means or any other wrongful acts.

Who has the better business model?

Google has been on top of their game, when it comes to providing for their customers, clients, and avid online users of all their products, even though if they've went somewhat astray, with many of their beta tests, and products that surely failed to meet the people's demand and standards of excellence. Now Google Plus aka G+ for instance, has been something in the works for a long time coming for Google, and I think they've surely got things rapped up there sort to speak, with the latest release of their Google Business Pages Platform.

Currently companies such as Picnik, which is a online Photo storage, and sharing network is moving to Google+ completely, and they're just the first of many online companies that will soon be making the move as well, just as many other Businesses & major networks have already fallen victim for the ole Facebooking transition to everything Facebook oriented, and E-business re-positioning, towards the huge crowds of close to a billion FB members, all hoping to potentially tap into the social powers there by ad's and other app FB business app developments on the rise.

The only limitation there at Google Plus business pages is that the user or account owner of such a business page, must authorize the creation of their business profile from their main social profile, and they're only able to send messages out the promote their business, rather then be able to add users automatically by clicking the add or follow buttons as their main account allows them to do.

Facebook Business Pages Video on Vimeo - Get Ready for Business!

Who Knows?

You just never know what, when, where, and how the next succession of overnight successes are to emerge from in these digital scene's, the web has become like a Mega Casino of sorts, and each contestant is waiting for the price is right! For some high rollers though, things come at a huge risk (Billions of dollars investments), and for others its as simple as uploading a Youtube video, to potentially hit the virtual Jackpot someday, we all get to see how the drama plays out, and what a game its been thus far.

So Facebook, and Google are both in such a position to play the "House" (Casino Bosses) and the Winner takes all, super high stakes position (Stock Market Options & Major Investors Role), where the winner takes all & the losers never get the last laugh. "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas". Famous Movie Quote......

Why Facebook has a shot at winning the battle

Facebook recently released their platform for business, known as Facebook for Business, and in response to Google Plus initially making their first major move to stake claim to the online business world, and digital territories which are in the millions. Many companies will be forced to comply with differing protocol from two differing social atmosphere's.

Facebook has the family friends connections protocol, and Google Plus has the stranger, more like real life quality to it, when it comes to each user collaborating efforts individually. The most important element to the Facebook edge, is that they already are headed to 1,000,000,000 members on their social network, now that's a huge number of people to communicate efforts too. Google plus has a great deal of catching up to do, to even think of competing socially, even though Google still leads all networks in the search category, and most visited site overall.

Both of these social yet professional platforms, are actually in themselves very effective at attracting huge crowds of customers for online business owners, companies & corporations, but without true effective networking communities of their very own being activated into them after sign-up, it will truly be a tough deal to get off the ground unless each business is well known.

Just as it is in the real world, the same laws of attraction apply as well here online, the main difference though is that on the web the potential for people to like and share things with others are unlimited since its all virtual & digital, and also as it's with the many countless anomalies that will exist in any given system, and definitely existent in our physical reality today.

Example of such abnormal stories of web success was with the recent amazing success that occurred literally overnight, as seen on Youtube, with the Kony2012 viral video explosion, and the many other viral stories floating around on the social web today.



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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @wallpaperdownload, hey thanks for the comment. Yeah I like to use Google+, but I haven't been marketing on it much. I don't have great content to share yet besides these articles and all. I own a bunch of websites, but many people don't visit them when I share it on G+ so I stay away from that sort of marketing today.

      I just let my blogs and hub articles to the talking for me pretty much, and now I'm on Youtube with a great deal of videos I share there so things are slowly doing much better for sure, FB is cool too, but I try my best not to use either to much.

    • wallpaperdownload profile image


      6 years ago from Mumbai

      Well, I would say that i am currently using Google+ for market and it is indeed true that Facebook has all my friends and i use facebook for networking with my friends. But I always wanted to use Google+ for networking but since non of my friends use Google+, I end up using it for marketing only.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thank Rajan, for the cool comment and vote as well as for sharing my hub.

      I also like using them both, and since doing so with such an intensity, Its changed the way I do things entirely in life as well today.

      I just hope many of us can benefit from it all besides just posting things randomly and all. Chat with ya soon bro.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      6 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Well Mike, you have laid out both the cards on the table. It's for the people to decide who to go for.

      Though FB has a lot more numbers in followers and is a great social networking medium while Google is the leader in technology and other paraphernalia.

      I love both by the way.

      Interesting analysis.

      Voted up and all the way across.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Hey there @KrystalD, yup Google+ is hot, but you right about that Facebook is probably going to remain the most popular social platform on the web, mostly because they have the creative touch when it comes to usability, and overall visual effectiveness of showing off peoples profiles, and the differing options dealing with screen functionality, user controls, and all.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Hi @Learner365, welcome back to me corner on hubpages, thanks for your insightful message you left me there, I like both social networks, hopefully you'll find more use for G+, its tough on it sharing, but in due time you might just strike digital oil.

      With my family networks on Facebook, the sharing is always with the same 10 or so people on my list of over 350, and so its ok, but I'd prefer to remain working more harder at a active audience who doesn't know me at all such as G+, and definitely here at hubpages, when it comes to sharing of web content, and most other web related things.

      Oh & no problem on that profile visibility thingy, I've helped you with, you deserved to be shared with others from off of my profile, because your one of my favorite hub writers here, and one of the best in my book, thanks for sharing and dropping in.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Yes indeed @ Internetgeek, I try my best to be as informative as possible, we all need to know the juicy details today for sure. Thanks again for returning, and for sharing with me.

    • KrystalD profile image


      7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Great hub on a great topic! I am totally loving Google+ but I am not sure it will ever gain the popularity of facebook. Facebook is just so easy and accessible!

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 

      7 years ago

      Hi CloudExplorer...This is a really great Hub by you that vividly compares and contrasts both Facebook and Google Plus pages. I personally myself is not much familiar with the Google Plus pages and have always preferred Facebook over that. You are right in saying that Google Plus still needs to catch up with the huge amount of members of Facebook.Undoubtedly Google Plus holds great potential but what i really feel they still have a long way to go to attract others in terms of many things.

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your viewpoint about both social networks.My vote up,useful and interesting.

      On a side note ,thank you for recommending me in your profile page.I just discovered it today.That's nice of you,i really appreciate your generosity :)

    • internetgeek profile image

      Nizam Khan 

      7 years ago from Hyderabad, India.

      @CloudExplorer Wow! Very detailed explanation. And you have pointed some good points. "Fruit bar industry", sounds good. Thanks for your reply :)

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      @ Internetgeek, thanks for adding me to your list of follows, and I'm happy you liked my hub here google is definitely on point in every way, I think Facebook should think of following in their foot steps by gaining some ground on other levels, besides the web, because to tell you the truth eventually something might just come along and even sweep them off their coat tails.

      Now Google isn't going anywhere soon, in terms of losing to any company because they have covered many differing essential aspects of the computing life, as well as technological aspects, making them quite diverse, and fluid like, they can reshape and take form into any area of life today, actually.

      I found a video the other day, where Google actually is after the healthy fruit bar industry next, if that works, someday we might just be eating at a restaurant chain, or shopping at a Food market called Google's. LOL

      Go figure!!!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      @ Seeker, I like both Facebook and Google+, but for differing reasons obviously. Facebook is a family friends socializing network to communicate, but for business it just doesn't work using such connections, because people tend to down play who you are as an individual they know already.

      As for facebook, like the real world its a place to meet new people, and to network, as well as form network groups, or circles to collaborate efforts, and to share things that your common folks just won't care to share with you, or for you.

      Its definitely an interest driven engine, and has potential that's unlimited due to the fact that everyone who joins it is potentially connected by a single wall stream, but of course like many networks you must follow people, and get followed to establish such communications, hence the whole idea of community becoming a established thing there as well.

      I love them both though, Hey thanks for stopping by and sharing with me. I hope to find your hubs as interesting as well, or better, see you soon

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Your right about that @ acewebdesign, Google has a great deal of ground to cover, but i heard that they have 500 million G+ members as of today, but I must verify that source first before updating my hub with such a high statistic.

      Either way social coverage is Facebook's mainstay for sure, and companies need not go elsewhere if their receiving the revenue streams they've always dreamed of their.

      This is where Google will have the greatest difficulty I feel, but who knows what the future holds for us all. Thanks for sharing with me, and I'll give your hubs a check soon as well.

    • internetgeek profile image

      Nizam Khan 

      7 years ago from Hyderabad, India.

      Yes, Google is in top of their game, but no doubt almost all the people prefer Facebook when it comes to social network. Google has a lot to do when it comes to social networking. But no doubt Facebook has relay dominated the social networking world.

      But interesting comparison and informative. Thanks and voted up:)

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      I enjoyed this hub it was very interesting. I'm probably biased because I've never been a huge fan of Facebook so I do prefer Google+. But I think it depends on what maybe people want out of a site and how they plan to use it. But personally, for now at least, Google+ seems to have most things I need.

      Great hub + voted up!

    • acewebdesign profile image


      7 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Facebook has really come a long way in terms of its popularity. Google + needs a lot more time to even reach that stage.


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