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Google SEO - Google +1 and Google Plus

Updated on November 9, 2011

Google Circles - Are you being left out?

I have decided to write an article today about Google +1 and how it effects Google SEO because as many of you are just realizing, the Google Plus social network is here and I sought an invite fairly earlier. I am suddenly seeing my Hubpages friends flood in and add me to their 'Google circles' one by one, I am glad I joined this social network sooner rather than later because as many of us resist new trends. People often dislike change, we settle in our comfortable environments and I remember I had this problem when switching from MySpace to Facebook.

Many of us online publishers were only just adapting or recovering from Google's Panda Algorithm change that took place in March and I think this has clouded people's judgement about what the Google plus social network is all about. It is not coincidental that Google have made these updates simultaneously, Panda was to address duplicate content, the Google +1 button was to place less emphasis on backlinking and the Google social network was to keep viral traffic contained within Google's 'walls'.

Google Plus One Button

Yes I said it, the Google Plus One button is to place less emphasis on backlinking, many people have seen an improvement in their SERP's simply from having more Plus One ratings and Google has strategically implemented this to try and combat the age old 'blog comment spam' which initially was a way of people recommending a site to friends. One's first impression of the Google Plus social network, however, might be that it was to compete with Facebook for the social networking industry, this being partially true but it was also a way of monitoring popular trend's that are being shared among people's 'social circles'

Photo courtesy of bruceclay

Google Circle

Many people saw the Google + revolution coming a mile off but it won't necessarily out race the two social networking giant's Facebook and Twitter, nor will it have a massive effect on the PR backlinking scale.

I see two problems with the Google Plus 1 button which I will describe with bullet points:

  • Firstly, users have to sign into their Google account's while randomly surfing the internet, I know, I know, yes we have to do this with Facebook as well but if you think about it, we all love Facebook because so many of our friend's are already on there. With the latter in mind, we tell ourselves 'yes I will sign into Facebook and see what my friend's doing at the same time'. Usually I only log into my Google account to check my mail. I would like to also stress that Facebook has more of a youth appeal, teenagers see it as trendy with the many apps and this is a large sector of the market.
  • Secondly, there is already a market for +1 exchange websites, places where people log in and gain point's for randomly '+1-ing' and there will also be gig's on where people offer to sell '1000 +1 adds' usually fake Google accounts they have set up.

Photo courtesy of cambodia4kidsorg

SEO Plus One Button

Now that I have explained what Google's plan's were and we have acknowledged why Google + means more than just the current hype that is surrounding it as 'the next big social network', you need to address what this means to your online publishing efforts.

Are you going to embrace it? you most probably need to! You might not recognize the importance of adding social networking buttons to your business website but in reality it is more than just Google SEO tactics that you need to maximize the traffic flowing to your leads. You must capitalize on all sectors of the market, Youtube is another good example of viral traffic and the reason Google snapped up a partnership with them is because they realized that 50% of people were turning to video for information.

Photo courtesy of westm


As a dedicated SEO developer who has 3 years experience working on personal projects, agency projects and as a certified oDesk contractor I have been able to spot when a new move is required for webmaster's to excel within the competitive online market.

I have been liaising with clients and offering the added bonus of social media implementation into their websites as well as achieving the Google rankings which they understand are so important. This does not stop at Facebook buttons, you must create Twitter profile's for your business and there are a whole host of widgets you can add to your site making it even easier to converse with possible customers.

If you are interested in taking a large step forward for your business and fighting for a stake in the overall bigger picture then I can recommend to you to contact my team mates who specialize in complete Google SEO. WebnSeoUK deal with with everything 'Web', not just search engine rankings!

Photo courtesy of igorbrasil


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