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Google Search Tips for All

Updated on April 26, 2017

Google Search -

Google Search Tips

Google is the most popular search engines in the world. Google Search is a tool of many wonders. It can be used not only for fast and efficient search in the World Wide Web, but for many other purposes which help us for saving time, effort and money. Some of the most important short cuts available with Google Search are listed here for beginners.

Local Time

To find out the local time of any place, type time place name in the search box

time Italy

To know the time of sunset and sunrise, enter sunset place name or sunrise place name in the search box

sunset New Delhi
sunrise London

Google Search : Time

Google Search : Time

Screen Shot
Screen Shot


To know weather of any place, enter weather place name in the search box or weather the postcode

weather 90712

Google Search : Weather

Screen shot
Screen shot

Conversion of Units

To convert from one unit to another unit, type number units in units in search box

one inch in angstroms

Google Search : Unit Conversion

Currency Conversion

To convert from one currency into another, type number units in units in search box

28 Euros in US dollars

Google Search : Currency Conversion

Country Info

To know population of countries, enter population of country name in the search box.

population of Germany

To find out capitals of countries, enter capital of country name in the search box.

capital of Australia

To get more information about Australia search on the right panels "Show details"

Google Search : Population

Mathematical Functions

The search box can be used as a calculator. Mathematical functions and equations can be entered in the search box to get the answer.



To find out movies of a city, enter movies in name of the city in the search box.

movies in Mumbai

Google Search : Movies

Flight Information

To get in information about departure times and other flight information enter Flight name Flight code

Hawaiian Airlines 48

For more information click "Details" on search panel.

Spell Checker

To check the correct spelling of words, type the word in the search box. In the top of the result page, the word with correct spelling will appear as "Did you mean : ( correct spelling) ?" or Search result of (correct spelling)

The spell word also give correct spelling of word

Synonym Search

To include the synonyms of the word for search, put ~ before the word and type it in the Google Search Box.

~ wonderful Indian trip

Google Search : Synonym Search

Sports Events and Scores

To get updated scores and information about tournaments, league matches, and any other sports events, type the name of tournament or team name.

cricket world cup

Google Search : Sports Events

Dictionary and Definitions

To get definitions and meanings from various online resources, enter define followed by the word or phrase.

Define philosophy

Google Search : Definition

Number Range

It allows searches for a range of numbers in Google search

If you type films 2000..2008, it show the films between 2000 and 2008.

films 2000..2008


Enter a ticker symbol as query. Search result will have the current financial and a quick thumb-nail chart for the stock.

Google Search

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Media Search

The left panel in the Google Search page provides a number of specialized media search like

1.Blog Search
2.Book Search
5.Code Search
11.Patent Search
12.Product Search

Google Search

Are you satisfied with Google Search results ?

See results

Fill in a Blank

Google can fill in a blank.

The first president of America was*

Language Tools - Translation

If your search has none-English results, click "Translate this Page" to see it in English.

Google Search Tips


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