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Google Street View Dead Body Mystery and Some More Strange and Funny Captures!

Updated on October 10, 2017

Google Street View Body

Every day thousands of people click onto Google Earth and browse in Google Street View. What is it? It is a great Google toy that allows you to see anywhere you want to in the world. And Google Street View is fantastic. For example, if you want to go to anywhere in Europe or even the States you just type in the name of the town or seaside resort on the left hand side of the page and then press enter. The view of the Earth in front of you swoops down, you feel like you are on a spacecraft! and then you are taken to your chosen place. If you want to go to Street View, you can then click on the camera icons and it will take you to a 'bubble' where you go through and end up on the road in question. You can then pan around and see it from every angle. Great stuff. So what happened to cause such a furor in this case? Evidently a keen eyed viewer living in Middle Road Worcester England, spotted a dead body in the road! Well what would you do? Would you automatically think that it was a prank and carry on being your usual nosy self, or would you do what the residents of this street did? Panic!

And then, like you do, they contacted Google and their local paper! The strangest thing about it was the fact that it took a whole year before anybody actually spotted it on Google Street View. is everybody so used to seeing dead bodies on their street that they completely blanked it out? I have no idea, but evidently the truth was even more bizarre. According to the Daily Mail, one of Britain's biggest newspapers, what these residents actually saw was not a dead body, but a 10 year old girl playing dead in the road!

Evidently, a young girl called Azura Beebeejaun, fell over in the street, and decided to make her friends laugh, or have a heart attack, all depending on which way you look at it, and she played dead for a few minutes. All I can say is it was lucky she was on the pavement and not the road otherwise it might just have got a little bit too real for comfort. At that exact second a very observant Google Street View car, with a photographer who obviously had the instincts of a striking Cobra, went sailing past, doing what he does best. Take some photos of the said road.

Now, don't get me wrong, But I was always under the impression that if you take any sort of photographs you actually look at what you are photographing! In this case he must have blinked. I say he because a woman would see a speck of dust on the moon and get the duster out. Oh, and the hoover! But no, he went sailing past this young girl who was practising to be the next Oscar winning actress, lying sparko on the pavement, legs akimbo and waiting for her big break, and what did he do? Yep you got it, he went off into the sunset, or at least to his studio where he continued to print, fiddle and whatever photographers do, still not noticing what the hell was in front of his eyes!

Even funnier, after all the hullabaloo happened, her mother calmly told reporters, I knew it must have been my daughter because she is always playing out in the road! Oh that's okay then, mum! Where's social services when they are needed!

Her daughter Azura saw the funny side of the whole thing and stated, 'I'm quite chuffed I am on the internet, and I can't wait to tell my classmates when I go back to school'.!

So there you go. If you have a heart attack, get mugged robbed or devoured by a hungry wolf on your pavement or road right outside your own house, don't worry, you know you can count on Google man!

Check out some more strange captures below!

Oscar Winning Performance!

Google Street View is one of those inventions that is completely addictive. I love Google Earth, I only just discovered it recently, and I love going through the 'bubble' to see who lives where, and in what town, and the one thing I do like doing most is looking at seaside resorts to get the feel of the place, before I spend my hard earned money going there and finding that it is not what I thought it would be. It's great because you can find out things like, if you want to be near the beach what sort of beach is it? or just inland in a quiet village. You can even stake out the Pub that you will be treating as your local! .It is very addictive.  I sat one evening going from one place to another, looking at all my old houses that I have lived in over the years. I went to all the seaside resorts in England and abroad that I had visited, mumbling to myself, 'I stayed there, wow'! And then checking out what had changed in that particular place. Another thing is I am sure that people click onto Google Street View just to be nosy! I mean let's face it, if you want to know where somebody lives and you have that magical thing called a postcode available in front of you, well, what do you do? Click straight onto it. In fact I felt like a spy the other day when to my great delight I spotted the postcode for Hubpages! So I went onto Google Earth and zoomed in on the headquarters of those wonderful hardworking souls that put in all the work for us! Is that enough crawling or do you want some more? Ha Ha.  Anyway, one question I would like to ask the Hubpage staff is, have you still got that red awning above your front door?! Hee Hee James bond look out!

 But I don't want to leave you with just that little old picture. Some of the below are taken from Google Street view and some are from Google Maps, which I haven't yet mastered the art of.  This is just to make you feel much more secure when you venture out of your front door, knowing that Google man is on the case, to keep you safe and well, Google Street Viewed!

Just Horsing Around!

I Lost My Keys, Honest!

I Really Want That Pink Skirt, I'll Just Sneak Up To Her And........!

Oh Pluuueese! How On Google Earth Did He Miss That?

The Horse boy picture was taken in Scotland and started some sort of hubris about whether it was real or not! I mean, honestly, how many horse men have you seen. I have laughed myself Horse at men sometimes, but a man with a horses head? Nah! Then again have you ever looked at the English royal family?! As for the climbing boy picture, if the girl in the first photo was a bit older, she could have got with this one and really acted Romeo and Juliet! But the spying boy is really my favourite. What A Plank! Hee Hee talk about inconspicuous. Not!

And then we come to the last picture. Well what can you say? Sometimes you just have to give in to nature!

I am sure there will be plenty more of these funny pictures emerging, especially since this is going to be a world wide thing once every country in the world starts clicking away!

Copyright Nell Rose

To Pee Or Not To Pee That Is The Question!

All Images owned and copyrighted by Google.


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