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Google Chat - A Free way to communicate

Updated on February 28, 2013

It's Good To Talk

Google Talk and Video Chat

Love Google or hate them you can't ignore their passion for bringing new and innovative technology into our lives.

I personally hate Google because they are a bitch to my website rankings, it's a pitty because they are good at other things but their search engine has been ruined by a ridiculous multitude of updates.

What I want to introduce to you here is Google Talk, if you are not already using it that is.

I've had a Gmail account for 3 years now and I only recently started looking at all the widgets they have in this amazing free email account.

One day I thought, "What's this Invite a friend to chat?", so I clicked it. Gmail said your freind has been invited to chat.

The next day when I logged on to check my emails I got the message "Your friend has joined your Gmail Chat" and I noticed a green dot next to their name on the left hand side of the screen so I clicked it. Up popped a live chat box so we typed away having a good old chin wag and then I noticed a telephone icon in the box and thought "mmm..what's this for?" so I clicked it.

Low and behold I was given the option to install Gmail Voice Call, so I did and I was given the option to invite my friends to Gmail Voice, so I did. Now me and my mates were talking to each other, saves typing I thought. Wait a minute..what's this camera icon for? Click, "would you like to install Video Chat?" TOO RIGHT!

Now me, my family and friends all talk face to face, wicked! Who needs a phone? I've got rid of my house phone now and the phone bill, I recon I might even get rid of my mobile phone too.

You don't have to have everyone on Video, I only invite family and close friends to video call. The rest are on Chat only and it can be very handy to know when people you know are logged on. A green light appears next to their name so you know you can ask them a quick question if you like instead of waiting for an email.

Another useful thing about having Google chat is that it can run in your task bar so when you get an email (even if you are not logged into GMail) a little bubble pops up and tells you the title of the new email you just got. You can click this bubble and it opens up a little window so you can read it. Very handy.

The Live Video Call in Gmail is wonderful, it has no lag what-so-ever and I would recommend this to everyone, I love it and best of all, It FREE!

This is only one feature of Gmail. There are so many you are spoiled for choice.

Here's a few that I like:

Gmail can open just about any type of document, you do not need to download an attachment.

Gmail has a very nice Calender with an Agenda.

You can store your photos and share them with Gmail Buzz, Google Blogger etc..

That's all for now and I hope this information is useful to you, have a great day.

What do you think of Google?

Do you have a Gmail account?

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