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Google URL Shortner

Updated on July 14, 2012

Introduction to Google URL Shortner

Few months back Google launched their URL shortner service. The best thing is that, you are able to track the shortened URLs. Paste a long URL in the specified space. Then click "Shorten" button. You will get the shortened URL. You can use this shorten URL to give a link to your friend on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on your website, blog, forum. You can paste this short URL wherever you want, and Google will start to track your shortened URL.

Following are the sections of this hub

  • Google URL Shortner Analytics.
  • Google URL Shortner Extension.
  • Google URL Shortner Firefox.
  • Google URL Extension API.
  • Google URL Extension Wiki.

Convert Long URL into Short

Google URL Shortner Service
Google URL Shortner Service

Google URL Shortner Analytics

If you click "details" in front of click counts of the shortened URL, the Google URL Shortner Analytics page will be in front of you. On this page, there are click counts shown on a graph of clicks and days. You may check clicks for the past two hours, day, week, month or for all time. You can even see the referrers to this shortened link. You may examine visitor profile according to countries, browser and platforms. Thus, you can track shortened URL using Google URL Shortner Analytics. Below the box, where we paste long URL, there is written, All URLs and click analytics are public and can be shared by anyone.

Google URL Shortner Extension

There are several Google Chrome extensions developed upon Google URL Shortner service. These extensions will help you to shorten the URL right from your Google Chrome web browser using Google URL Shortner service. These extensions are free of charge and you can easily install them into your Google Chrome web browser. There are some extensions which are officially developed by Google. But, none of these extensions are officially developed by Google. I hope some day Google will develop official extension regarding their URL shortner service. Below is one URL shortening extension, shortener + share on twitter.

Google URL Shortner Firefox

Google Chrome has the Google URL Shortner extensions. Like Google Chrome, Firefox also has Google URL Shortner Add-ons. Using these add-ons, you can convert long URLs into short URLs right from your Firefox web browser. This Firefox add-on is also not officially developed by Google. The name of the Google URL Shortner Firefox add-on is - lite 1.7.7. 1.7.7 is the version of this add-on while writing this article.

Google URL Shortner API

The Google URL Shortner API is in Labs and it's features could change in future. Google URL Shortner API is available in Google Code Labs. Getting Started with Google URL Shortner API is possible on the same site. All the related information is given there.

Google URL Shortner Wiki

The Google URL Shortner Wiki is available on It is under yourls - source - browse - wiki. Then in directories, there is wiki, and in front of it is filename.

I hope you found this information helpful. Share this information with your friends using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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