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Google Users tips---the 7 Google links you should keep in mind

Updated on August 5, 2016

Do you use Google's services?---Of course.

Do you care your online privacy?---Of course.

Many people may know that Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and other Internet companies who provide email services announced that they will reserve the right of checking users' email accounts to extract some key information. So, you have to pay attention to some important issues on privacy at the same time of your enjoying the free services they provide. In this article, we provide some Google links related to Google advertising and online privacy you might need to get to protect your online privacy.

1. Set up Google's ad behavior

Sometimes you feel there are too many ads? In fact, Google show ads in Google search, Gmail(GoogleMail), YouTube and Google Map and other Google's services. Google will recommend to ads based on your gender, age, location and other factors related to your online behaviors. If you want to view, adjust the settings, click this link:

2. Export all data related to your Google account

All your service usage data within the Google ecosystem, including contacts, Blogger blog posts, email messages, calendar entries, Google photos, YouTube videos, etc., can be exported and stored separately for download. If you need this service, please click on this link:

3. Know your geographical search history

When you use Google Now application of your Android phone or iPhone, that will leave the geographical records search. Google will save this record for a long time, if you want to know your geographical search history, click on this link:

4. All search history

All your Google search history. You might think they even record this? You might also think, oh, they just record everything...

5. Learn something about the Google account you have deleted

Do you have ever deleted/disabled your Google account?How about the email, photos and other data of your deleted account? If you want to know the process and details, please click on this link:

6. Someone stole your account?

If you are really worried about someone else steal your account, please click on this link: You can check all your login location and other information

7. Manage your Google permission lists

A list of permissions management, including all hardware devices and and third-party applications connected to your Google account. If you want to disable a connection of a device which was lost or a site was not used the account to Google services, please click on this link:


Which one do you love most of Google's services?

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    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 13 months ago from Germany

      Very interesting. Thanks for the heads up.