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Google majel - a competition for i Phone Siri ?

Updated on June 15, 2012
Majel a competition for i Phone?
Majel a competition for i Phone?

Siri (voice command app in i Phone 4S) has became a very common word even to children now. That is the popularity that this amazing application achieved, just one month after the release of it. Even top official has agreed that Siri can be a threat for Google's search engine in future. How can Google stay without doing anything?. Google is also in the construction work of a new voice operated digital assistant app called Majel for Android Operating system.

What is Siri?

Siri is a digital personal assistant app available in iPhone 4S, that helps you as your personal assistant, using Artificial Intelligence capabilities of it. so far there was a lot of voice action apps in all smartphone platforms. Siri was also there as an app for download from iStore. But, now Apple has acquired this and developed it to such a level that it is far beyond the current technology level.

The advantages of Siri compared to other voice action apps are

1. It can understand common speaking language. Earlier voice action apps can understand only keywords. For example in Google voice action you have to say send text to [name]. But in Siri there is no particular keyword, you can use your common language

2. It is artificial intelligence based. It can understand, inner meanings and respond to your queries. It will use, internet connectivity to Apple data center, for further data interpretation.

3. It can convert anything you speak to text, it will ask questions back, if any doubt comes. For visually challenged people it is very useful

Actually Siri was developed under American military defense department, for defense purpose, later it was not used. But still it was a good product using Artificial Intelligence. Then Siri came as an app in iStore. From there Steve Jobs found out the chances of this app and made it to such a level, so that it is one of the most interesting features of iPhone now

But Siri has some problems also. It can understand only American or British Accent. Also, it uses Apple data centre and internet connectivity to interpret data. During the launch of iPhone 4S, due to many people was experimenting with it. Apple servers couldn't support the traffic. Responses of Siri changes, same question return different answers.

See what are the things that you can do with Siri in the video

How Siri is going to be a threat for Google?

It is a fact that even Google officials have agreed that iPhone Siri app can be a threat to Google. See it is not only to Android but also to the Google. Because Google is mainly a search engine based company. Most of the other services of Google are not as profitable as Search engine and putting advertisement in Sites. Advertisement business in web sites, runs basically when users click on advertisements. But if you are using Siri, for searching or browsing in internet, you will not need to click, but to tell the app what you want to find from websites.

If people are not using internet browsers by clicking through it Google's advertisement business is lost. That is majority of it's income is lost. So the move of Apple to come with Siri, is exactly planned to hit Google at it's correct weak spot. Siri can grow to a level that questions even the existence of search engines like Google

What is Google Majel?

Majel is an Android application that Google is planning as a reply to Siri in iPhone. There are many rumors about, this, surely up to some point it is true also. Because it is high time for Google to do something.

Majel is an advanced product of Google voice action that already exists in Android phone currently. Majel cannot replay to natural language. It can reply to keywords only currently, but developing it to some more advanced model, is not very difficult. But Siri was developed under US military section under the research of a long time from professors of different universities and many other dedicated researcher. Surely it will take a lot to compete such an excellent product.

Currently Google Voice Actions do not have Artificial Intelligence support. But Google has acquired a gaming company called phonetic arts which has the technology to control games using voice. Surely Google can incorporate this technology to Voice action. Also as this is a secret project, Google is conducting it , in their secret laboratory called Google X.

In order to know whether majel can become a threat for Siri, we have to wait at least 2 or 3 months more. Also there are some other voice recognition apps currently available in Android market like SpeakToIt, Vilingo Virtual Assistant, Iris etc. You can try these if you are an Android fan.


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 5 years ago from India

      @Don H- It is sad to hear that majel is not useful. But still there is a good chance that Google will release updated versions of the app which can perform more well. Also you can try S-voice in new Galaxy S3 which Samsung is claiming as far better than iPhone Siri

    • profile image

      Don H. 5 years ago

      Majel was pushed on every website i could find, and was due out around Jan. 2012. I downloaded it after May 2012, (disappointed in timeframe). Now that I have it and used it,....VERY DISAPPOINTING!! does nothing that Siri can do, if i had to choose a personal assistant it would be the personal assistant "android" but a rating from 1-10, i choose a flat "0" for Majel for Android.

    • John J Gulley profile image

      John J Gulley 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Neat to see Google using an Android version of Siri. In the coming months I expect to see this feature on many new Android phones entering the market.