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Updated on April 4, 2015

Fun Facts About Google!!!


How It Works:

A Mirror website of try searching and it will give you the mirror image as a result as well.. Hilarious!!!


How It Works:

Where it says I'm feeling Lucky you have "Insert coin" instead. Click it and there you are playing PACMAN on Mirror website of Google.. Yes, You've read it right. It’s on which you can make out even from looking at the uRL. Reminds me of old days when i was fond of playing video games.

3> Do A Barrel Roll

How It Works:

Type this words in google search bar and before you complete typing.. well find out by yourself. I was shocked when I tried it first time. Try it and Let me know if your expressions are any different then :O.

4> Tilt

How It Works:

Get tilted!!! Type this words and throughout your search even with some different for that particular session your will be tilted. Tip: Don't keep that session for longer time or you may end up

requiring Masseuse for your neck.. LOL!!!

5> Slay the Dragon!!! (Amazed!! Read the Following)

How It Works:

If you are using Google Documents and have a Spreadsheet(Excel File) on it. Open the file. Once it is opened press Shift+F12.A message will pop up at the bottom of your screen. I tried it and have taken the

screenshot which is given below. Yes You Are The Dragon Slayer and Google Accepts it too.. :D


How It Works:

In order to give tribute to some historical event or people, Google often ends up modifying their Logo for temparory period of time. Well we all are familier with this but the question is where do they go after that period. Well above is the link to find them. Yes, if you missed Google Doodle this Halloween, don't worry it's a click away. :)

7> Recursion

How It Works:

I am not sure if it is a fault or fun exactly but whenever you type 'recursion' in Google Search it will revert 'Did you mean: recursion' along with the results. Even if you click on it the page will be unchanged.


How It Works:

Follow the instruction given on the page. You only need to think what you want to search and this will help you do it. Amazed!!! Find it out yourself. :)

9> 'Anagram' to 'Nag a ram'

How It Works:

It is a nice trick. When you type 'Anagram' in the search bar and click search, it will ask you 'Did you mean: Nag a ram'... LOL!!!

Further, when you search “define anagram”, it asks a different question! For this one, I'll give you a chance to surprise yourself!

10> Google Sphere

How It Works:

Type the words given above in google search engine and click on the first link that appears in the list. and see the magic. Its awesome!!! You can also change the direction of rotation with your mouse pointer. This will be a bit of trouble but do it however. Type anything in the search box and click on Search Images and Fun Never Ends!!! :)

Don't Forget To Rate It!!! Have Fun!!!

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