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Why Bing is the new Google

Updated on August 14, 2009

Bing Vs. Google


As of recently you may or maynot have heard Microsoft released a search engine of their own called Bing. I am here to tell you why Bing will be the next Google perhaps better. My reasoning begins first with the fact that searches done through return better results that are more concentrated on what you are looking for. Take for example a basic search of the word Health, Google returns about 1,070,000,000 results while Bing returns only about 700,000,000. You might say well Google has more to offer but the truth is alot of those paid to be on the list and chances are they might have nothing to do with health at all. Take for example a more indepth search for Lymphedema which is a condition where swelling can take place in extremities. I'm not a doctor so I won't go into length about it all. This search reveals 1,190,000 results for Bing and 914,000 for Google, but whats this? Google's first result has nothing to do with Lymphedema it is about Breast Cancer, and another is trying to sell you a Lymphedema pump. This isn't a very informative search. However on Bing's side very first result is a bit more helpful? Well to be honest, which is another reason I like Bing is even before the first result, the first thing is a definition/description of Lymphedema. To wrap up my first point Google is in it for the money, pay more get a higher ranking even if its not relevent.


Next part is partially connected with the first. The best way to see where I'm coming from is visit First thing I noticed off the bat was how overloaded Google was with ads and sponsored links. Take a look at Bing's results not a single Ad or Sponsored link all informative and detailed to fit your search. Google's in it for the money not necessarily a bad thing any company needs money to survive, but to what point? Should it be to the point that you sacrifice customer satisfaction? I mean come on if I wanted to post this site as a sponsored link on Google and list it under lets say Health again, its just another paycheck for them but it isn't relevant for the customer looking for a certain phrase or keyword.

Ease Of Use and Help

The Final part I would like to cover is the ease of use and help that Bing offers. If you've visited and performed a search you will have noticed that they offer more. Let's take Lymphedema again if you look on the left side of your performed search you will notice some options. First being a way to sort out your search to help you find what you need. This includes finding news articles, symptoms, pictures and video's. Say for instance I think I have Lymphedema I can find out the definition, symptoms and images all in one easy search. Below these filter options you have a list of related searches that are a little more refined for example How to Exercise while having Lymphedema, Lymphedema doctors and more. Now what does Google offer on the side of their page to help you? More of those ads... Well here it is at the bottom of the page after you've had to see all the ads and links and sponsored links. Even when you get down to the bottom of the page to see related searches you will notice most if not all are still trying to get you to buy something, Lymphedema Pumps and Lymphedema Products.

Wrap Up

In conclusion Bing has more to offer and is still in its early stages. I am sure we will see many more beneficial things come from this. While Google is out to benefit the producers not the consumers. I have to give and Microsoft a 5 star rating for what they have put together. The only downside I have noticed from Microsoft is they are starting to force Bing onto us. I recently bought a new laptop and guess what Bing search on my desktop, open my Internet Explorer and Bing at the top for default search engine. I do prefer Bing but hopefully Microsoft won't go overboard with what they have.

-Thomas M.

Aug. 11, 2009


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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      You raise some good points about Bing but I noticed it doesn't offer the breadth that Google does. Also, in terms of earning money on my own websites, Google definitely wins over Bing.

    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Bing has been with us for quite a while. It has the potential but like its parent, Microsoft, it is always a step behind. I don't see how Bing can compete with Google. I have briefly used Bing but decided to switch back to Google in the end. The speed was not as fast and the search results were often not what I wanted. Some of the travel websites have started to use Bing map instead of Google map which is quite frustrated. Bing map is not as extensive as Google map and it is real slow. The interface is not that friendly either.