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Google's New Invention

Updated on July 8, 2012


Google has always been one of the technology companies that has been pushing the envelope for what we know as cutting edge technology. Almost everybody knows about their popular search engine, but not everyone knows it's also a company that is always putting out new technology from smartphones, t.v.'s, tablets and more. What I'm going to tell you about is their new product that will revolutionize the way we communicate.

Possibilities of Google Glasses

Project Glass

The product that google has come up with is the future of mobile technology and communication. Project glass is a development to create an augmented reality glasses. This is basically a smartphone in your head that you don't even have to think about using. The possibilities with these new glasses are endless. In Google's I/O conference they had a number of people in a google video chat with these glasses. Then the people with google's glasses jumped out of an airplane and skydived down to the building. A series of acrobatics by bikes then followed. All of this was seen from the view of the wearer of the glasses because there is tiny camera that allows users to take pictures or videos with it. This will come in handy so many times when something special or crazy happens and you don't need to go looking for your camera, phone, or video camera. There is also a speaker so you can give it voice commands. The first video of this was amazing at showing what the possibilities are ranging from finding a coffee shop to texting your friend hands free. The coolest part about this technology is that it creates a heads up display with all the information you need in a transparent window. This has so many cool possibilities such as having a map of the city right in front of you or many other cool things. So, how many decades until this futuristic gadget is available for everyone you may ask? 2013... That's right, in 2013 this amazing gadget will be available to the public. The only downside to this however is that the initial price will be $1,500. This sucks for the average person as this is probably too expensive toy that's in it's first version.

Final Thoughts

Google's Project Glass is going to be the future of technology. Just imagine never having to take your phone anywhere again because you won't have one. Imagine never having to remember to take your camera because there's one built into your glasses. What is most exciting about this new technology is that it's opening a whole new field for these augmented reality displays. Surely Apple and Microsoft will have to follow up with their own glasses, and this can only bring more innovation and ideas for this exciting new technology. This also goes to show that the futuristic life we've all been dreaming of isn't that far away. What do you think the world's technology will be like 10 years from now? Comment about your opinion on this new technology and maybe the problems that will come with it.


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