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Google Drive & Google+ for the iPhone 5

Updated on November 2, 2014

This is how it really looks behind Googles digital Walls, Awesome!


Welcome to Google Everything

Google has always been determined to beat the competition when it comes to online services, products, cloud ware, and literally everything they can grasp hold of today.

The impressive thing is Google appears to being moving at a stealthy pace, as there technologies simply appear out of thin air, and without warning mostly. Quite frankly I think its a simply brilliant technique, and overall approach to marketing without saying a word.

Google Drive Has Arrived!

The Android a powerful mascot!


You gotta Love the amazing technology we have today

Youtube is a key player in how Google has figured out smarter ways to leverage their marketing campaigns, and they have a single location, or Google Channel where all the fun and games of their digital business is played. It is known as "The Google Channel", this is where anything and everything gets announced to the public, but not to soon though, the developers at Google make sure to test their online services months, and even years in advance. (Looking to write a tech hub, try their channel for awesome content to review or write about.)

They have armies of web design guru's, computer network engineers, programmers, and IT professionals stationed worldwide, just to make a single initiative launch off into cyberspace. The best part about how Google functions is, they have an open source community as well, which means they allow for average individuals who think they cant take a shot at coding, web development, mobile development, and more. Making Google one untouchable empire to content with, which most companies simply could never dream of matching.

Google+ on the iPhone 5 is superb! with Hangout and Facetime

Old iPhone 4S
Old iPhone 4S | Source

The iPhone 5 just got a new look

Google Plus on the iPhone 5 has got a truly awesome new look, and people are definitely happy. The initial Google Plus for the iPhone 5 must of not been the best functional wise, but according to the awesome video you can do a great deal with one. Anywhere from having multiple hangouts using face time on the iPhone, to even taking picture of live concerts this new technology that Google has brought to the digital stage is magnificent.

iPhone users can now communicate seamlessly with text and all, images, video uploads, and much more in store. The Google Drive which has been introduced in the other video above this one will also come into play for sure, syncing documents, files, and huge amounts of data, all given out for free by Google, a whole 5 gigabytes. The amazing thing is they are selling much more digital space for values of $2.50 per month for 25g's, and you have options to purchase up to $49.99 per month for up to 16 terabytes. Now that's more space than a space station needs to store, to communicate with their satellites, or even a radio station.


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