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Grab A Stand

Updated on February 22, 2015

In this modern age of technology all of us want more from everything. Even in the things that are still evolving we still expect alot from them. So here it is while i was looking at some intresting products specially universal stands for smartphones & tablets i found some intresting products that were worth writing about.

There are alot of cool products in the markrt but today i would like to talk about the two that tipically stand out amongest the rest the GorillaPod & the Life-Phorm.

1) GorillaPod: This is a product which is very unique and innovative it has three legs which can be adjusted to your liking. It can hold both a camera and a smartphone in additation the adjustable legs helps to achieve some impossible angles, sometimes you will be surprised as to what it can do. But all said and done there are some issues with the product it holds only two devices smartphone and camer's plus it also has its limitation. The gorillapod has limitations to the sizes of smartphone's it can mount but mostly it dose the work. The most effective it is when you mount it with a camera it can somtimes achieve angles and shots that were impossible to take or achieve in the past without it.

So this was the gorillapod a universal holder/stand that can mount both smartphones & tablets. But as i said in this modern age we demand more from everything even from things that are evolving. So from this demand and need of something more versatile and unique came Lethal Protections Life-Phorm.

2) Lethal Protection Life-Phorm: This is a universal stand that can hold a smartphone, a camera as the gorillapod but in additation to this it can also hold a tablet. So this thing here is truly an all-in-one mounting device that can hold a smartphone, a camera & a tablet. The good things dont end here the most important thing, appart from its feature of holding all these three devices the most important thing about the Life-Phorm is that it can mount any smartphone, any tablet & any camera. The size of the Life-Phorm is also one of its key features, it being so small and light helps the users to carry it arount almost anywhere, that is also a main reason that it is used by alot of photographer's as a mini tripod. It is truely a universal mounting device and that is also the reason of it to be call an all-in-one mounting device. One stand works for all smartphones, all cameras & all tablets.

These advantages which you get comes at a price plus with the addaptiveness of this product you also have to face some issues. The Life-Phorm is a great stand/holder but it takes time to get used to it a person who has the time to fiddle with it can make the most out of it. But ya once you are comfortable with the mounting syatem then it is very easy to work with.

So here it is two great stands/holders for the modern human both are masters at its trait but take getting used to. Both the devices Gorillapod ($27.95) and Lethal Protection Life-Phorm ($32.99) are available on

The GorillaPod on the mountains

The Lethal Protection Life-Phorm at work on the race track.

Lethal Protection Life-Phorm



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