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Great Cheap Pay As You Go Phone Plan

Updated on March 7, 2011

1500 Minutes, Text and Web for $30/mo?

Absolutely! We've been on this pay as you go cell phone plan since shortly after it was first presented by VirginMobile. This is a plan that is great for those on a budget who spend a good deal of time on the phone whether that be for calling or texting. The texting portion of this offer makes this an ideal and cheap cell phone plan for teenagers too!

Want 60 Free Minutes When You sign Up?

If you are just signing up and want to earn 60 free minutes on top of your plan that you can use as you wish simply enter the following kickback referral code when it asks for it: XTYvX6OT

What you Get in this Monthly Pay as you Go Plan

Minutes: 1500 anytime minutes. No time restrictions or calling limitations - these minutes are yours to use when and how you choose to. No more checking the clock or waiting until late evening to place those calls to people outside of your calling plan provider.

Texting: This plan also comes with 500 text messages. No extra charges or fees hidden in the fine print. No more adding an extra $10, $15, $20 to your regular plan to get messaging - though if 500 is not enough you can definitely add more!

Web Access: Just like the texting no need to add a data pack to this plan because 10mb of web access is already included in this cheap pay as you go cell phone plan.

Note: When your plan is about to run out for the month if you decide you want a different plan that is easy to change. There is a "Change Plans" option available on your account page through the website (takes a few seconds).

Check Out Virgin Mobile Plans Now! (Don't forget your free 60 minutes for new customers!)

Prepaid Phones

Virgin Mobile offers a decent selection of phones directly on their site. However after being a VM customer for 2 years I've found a lot of the phones that work with this prepaid cell phone service are not offered through the website any longer.

An easy way to find a bigger selection of prepaid phones is to check out eBay and Amazon - simply search for Virgin Mobile Cell Phones. You will find a greater selection of phones both new and used that you can activate any prepaid plan on. Just be sure that you are buying a phone that is clear and ready to activate. Luckily on both above sites if you read the description and there is nothing noted about the phone being locked or unable to be activated the companies (if sellers won't) will help you return it.

Note: If you start off with one phone and decide you like something better - no problem! You can "Swap Phones" right there through the website. All you need is the new phone and the numbers provided with it (typically found in the battery compartment). Takes about 2 minutes to swap out phones and your new phone is set and ready to go!

I've purchased 7 phones off of Amazon and ebay to use on our own VM service and have never ran into a problem so just be sure to read through all listings carefully.

Paying for your Prepaid (Pay as you Go) Cell Phone Plan

There are several ways offered through the website to pay for your service. Here are some of the options that are available to you:

PayPal: One time payments or set it up to pay your monthly charges.

Credit/Debit: One time payments or recurring payments. (Whichever you choose)

Top up: Top up, pay monthly charges or add money (time) to your phone with top up cards.These cards can be purchased online or at nearly any grocery/convenience store. These can be added to your phone one of the following ways: top up directly through your VM phone, top up online, by calling virgin mobile.

This plan really is a great cheap prepaid cell phone plan for teenagers and adults alike. If you simply use top up cards instead of the no strings attached plans such as the PayLo you really are spending way too much! 


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