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Green Energy Ideas To Take Your Home off the Grid

Updated on August 22, 2012

Home Wind Turbine

Green Energy Ideas For The Home

Most people are thinking about green ideas for the home in order to create their own sources of energy. However, the fact is that this is not one hundred percent possible because of the amount of appliances needing electricity to run. Still, alleviating some of the electricity costs by shouldering a part of the energy used through renewable energy is entirely possible. Following are some green energy ideas for the home that may be installed in households to lower the cost of electrical expenses.

Using Wind Energy

For locations that do not experience frequent sunshine but lots of wind, utilizing wind turbines to generate electricity is the best possible choice. In wind energy, the speed of the wind is one of the most important factors to consider and this may vary from one time to another. To solve this problem, most wind turbines are placed at high altitudes so that exposure to more wind is imminent. Also, the size of the blade is very important with bigger being better. Of course, most homes do not have the space for a wind turbine but it has been proven that smaller versions are also capable of producing adequate energy.

Using Solar Energy

When the topic of renewable energy comes up, solar immediately comes to mind. Utilizing the sun is probably the most popular way of harnessing energy and for locations that experience sunshine year round, this can be a very viable option. The reason why this is the most popular green energy ideas for the home is because most people imagine solar panel installation being conveniently installed on roofs to gather energy. Hence, compared to the wind which would need to be standing in order to work, installing solar panels seems to be a much better for choice. Both however are already available on the market in the form of kits that may be bought and set up at home.

Using Water Energy

For people who live near moving bodies of water, hydro energy is a good prospect. If fact, out of all the green energy ideas for the home, this is the best in terms of amount of electricity produced. Studies have actually shown that hydro energy can supply ten more times electricity compared to both solar and wind. This is mainly because flowing water do not really stop flowing, unlike the wind and sun which would depend on the weather. Of course, aside from finding a good source of flowing water, building a hydro energy spot is not that hard especially since the principle of energy generation is much like how wind energy is harvested.

Of course, the mentioned three are the top green energy ideas for the home, mainly because they can be very easy to understand and therefore set up. Other energy alternatives include utilization of biomass and even nuclear energy to generate electricity. However, these options are more suited to large scale energy production than those needed for a home. Hopefully, as time goes on, more of these green ideas will take root and eliminate the need for energy sources that harm the environment and to help you get off the grid.


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