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Green Energy Investments - A Global Effort

Updated on July 19, 2011

In the wake of the changing environment and the depleting energy source of the planet, many governments are aiming for green energy investments to face this possible crisis in the future. Billions of dollars were reported to be set for this effort with the goal of maintaining a constant supply of energy if ever the planet's sources will dry up.

It's kind of frustrating to think that because there's a threat and it's already obvious, conservation efforts are being planned for it. However, many people are still optimistic sans the billions of green energy investments across the globe.

It's no big news that many individuals and families are already doing their part in conserving energy by making lifestyle changes.

In developed countries, they try to save on gasoline - a product of fossil fuels - by using electric cars. In order to save on gasoline, many countries in Europe have also started using electric cars. The electric versions of famous European luxury cars are also being produced by their manufacturers to answer the need for speed and luxury while conserving energy and protecting the environment. Although there's still an economic problem, those who can afford in the US are also doing their part in saving gasoline.

In rich countries, billions of dollars are set aside for wide-scale efforts for planning and implementation of green energy investments. The green energy investments in several major cities in America rang from renewable energy to hydroelectric and wind energy production. Energy investments on clean energy is what China and other countries in the Asia Pacific are focusing on. This type of green energy investment is usually driven by innovation and research. As for the UK, they have a wide-range of energy-saving efforts that are almost unique to the region. They have combined heat and power (CHP); solar, wind and hydroelectric power; as well as other renewable energy source like biomass and anaerobic digestion.

With green energy investments plus the individual efforts across the globe, the future of green energy seems promising. However, nothing is certain; but with everyone exerting their effort in conserving energy, the looming energy crisis may be hampered for a few more decades.


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    • art-max profile image

      art-max 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Your hub is an excellent hub, HubMania. New ideas and research is needed. We have better battery power for our cameras and laptops more good green energy products could follow. Keep up the good work.