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Rational Approach To Green Computing

Updated on February 15, 2010

Green Computing – What does that mean?

Well, Green computing, also called Green IT refers to the kind of computing which is environmentally sustainable in every possible aspect. It consists of creating, using and disposing of the electronic components in such a way that they don’t harm our environment at any cost. So it stands as an excellent fact highly capable of addressing present day issues related to environment and technology.

Whatever may be the devices you use, whether your monitors, printers, hard-disks, or similar devices, it’s our duty to make sure that despite fulfilling our computing or IT needs, we have to make sure that we are always concerned with the factors like energy efficiency, sustainability of environment, etc.

You are never going to need explanation regarding Green House Effect and related issues as you have already heard enough from your high-schools and every now and then. As a matter of fact, green computing has almost everything to do with this common issue. There are a lot of examples to look at. Do you know that our favorite search engine Google has already released an estimate of 7 grams of carbon dioxide (as per the study conducted in Harvard) into the atmosphere? Lot of arguments has been followed related to this issue. However, everything has to be taken into consideration at this point of time and that’s why Green Computing comes into action. With the evolution of highly sophisticated computer architecture, organization and design, management of several factors like Power, storage, recycling computer subsystems, etc. becomes much more complex.

Just think about large servers and main frame computers and their processing capabilities. Not about your tiny gadgets, now. If they are capable enough, then they do release the negatives.


Act Green

Now, a lot of new arriving industries as well as the old and trusted ones have entered into the mission of green computing. Though a lot of ideas and issues have been put forward during this decade, efforts are being taken by Governmental as well as Non Governmental Organizations to make the dream of green computing come true. Electronic components and associated systems are manufactured in such a way that they create low or minimal impact on the environment.  You might be familiar with the eco-labeling in several products. These efforts aim a realistic approach towards an economically sustainable and energy efficient computing in the near future.

It is also important to note that manufacturing in eco-friendly manner is not just enough. But the use, disposal and design also must be green.

If you are interested to know about the current research and progress in Green Computing, do visit

Go Green….


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      8 years ago

      Nice hub !


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