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Green Lantern Blu-Ray DVD combo Review

Updated on October 19, 2011

Picture of Movie

It is nice and Shinny. So it can't be that bad... right?
It is nice and Shinny. So it can't be that bad... right? | Source

Quick Review of Movie itself

This movie came out the summer of 2011 along with 3 other comic book movies. It was the only DC one of the year.

Overall without giving spoilers the movie was good. But just only good. It could have been alot better and parts of the movie was rushed but it did have certain good heroic speaches and good action.

The acting for it I have mixed feelings on. Some characters were played well others were more stereotypes of the rough role the character would normally play in the plot of a hero story. Only character truly messed up was the villain Parallax who in the source material is a much stronger villain with a better back story.

Its biggest fault was the climax's peak was very climatic. Also it had moments were things felt left out and that lead to the rushed feeling.

Like it or leave it the movie is just okay when looking at it on its own. But.... when compared to the other comic book movies released that summer with it. It was a failure and looks like it is the slow kid in the class while Thor was the jock, Captain America the Popular kid, and X-Men first class the epicly smart realitivly unknown, under appreciated cool gamer nerd.

Batman Skin

This will be fun.
This will be fun. | Source

Review of the DVD/Blu-Ray

Overall I got this due to its coming with the extra Batman Skin. But when I heard this was an Extended cut with the movie that interested me because there were parts of the movie that felt missing when I watched it in theaters.

These scenes I thought were going to be like more to the training of Hal Jordan and extra scenes to fill out the climax to make it more climaxier.....

Sadly these hopes were in vain.

Without saying what the scenes were..... they were just extra backstory that was not really needed and did not help the main plot of the movie enough.

But there is another redeeming factor to this movie other than the batman skin.

The extras. This is packed with good documentaries and the other bonus content movies have but.... the quality of it is what amazed me. Just watching a few of them really impressed me and more than made up for the lack of amazement the movie itself left me with.

Also oddly just to comment on it.... the deleted scenes (and yes they are different form the extended scenes).... they were unfinished but watching them..... they were good way better than the finished ones put into this "exstended" movie. If they were finished with their special effects and put into the movie they would have added more depth to certain parts that was greatly needed. (well all except for the one hamster one.....)

So over all if you don't like Green Lantern or comic books just rent it and please watch the extra content documentries they will inform you a lot about the real charactor of Green Lantern.

If you are a batman fan and really want the skin for the game.... buy it.... but again it is mostly only worth it for the bonus content.

And if you are a GL fan.... yes I know the movie did not live up to most expectations but hey... it is better then the last attempt at a live action GL related movie and once again..... BONUS CONTENT WORTH IT.

Price wise I picked this up at a Best Buy for just over 20 bucks and its main price was $26. For a DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital copy that is a good steal. Even more so due to Sinestro corps Batman.


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