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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review and Overview of Competitors

Updated on March 7, 2011

Green Smoke Review and Competitors

Electronic cigarettes aren't simply another gadget trend, they are the next step in helping to save the environment by reducing unnecessary pollutants from the air. At the same time you can enjoy the pleasure of smoking, including the taste and feel, anywhere you like without worrying about disturbing anyone else. Electronic cigarettes are a unique form of nicotine delivery that has removed the tar, tobacco, smoke smell and smoker's breath and is a more cost effective way for you to enjoy smoking. Several different versions of the electric cigarette are available from many different manufacturers. Some of the most popular companies manufacturing e-cigarettes are Green Smoke, blu and SmokelessDelight.

Green Smoke is a popular manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and offers several different options for you to get started enjoying electric cigarettes. The basic starter kit contains both short (mini) and long versions of their e-cigarette combined with USB and wall adaptors. Finally, to get you a taste of several different nicotine cartridges, you will receive five cartridges in light, medium and full nicotine concentrations. Green Smoke also offers a "social smoker" kit containing the same items but with a single electronic cigarette. Finally, Green Smoke has a package called "love birds" that is simply two of everything contained in the social smoker kit.

Another popular electronic cigarette manufacturer is blu E Cigarette, which offers a single electric cigarette starter package in your choice of black or white colors. Each kit contains a package of 5 starter cartridges in a single flavor of your choice, as well as 2 batteries, a wall charger and a USB charger. The cost of the starter kit is a modest $69.95, compared to Green Smoke's $139.00 starter kit price.

Finally, Smokelessdelite offers four different starter kits, ranging from $59.99 to $179.99 for their premium starter kit. The most basic kit, known as the standard kit, contains a single electronic cigarette, charger, adaptor and 5 high and 5 medium nicotine cartridges. Smokelessdelite's deluxe starter package also contains a single electric cigarette, adaptor, charger, 5 high and 5 medium US made nicotine cartridges and the same cartridges in a non-US version. The Premo edition starter kit contains a package of cartridges, two batteries, an atomizer, charger and power cord. The top of the Smokelessdelite line is their premium starter kit which includes a charger, adaptor, single electronic cigarette with battery and an impressive 6 different packages of nicotine cartridges (5 cartridges in each) in all the concentrations, each in a US and non-US version. To top it off, the premium kit also comes with a carrying case, a USB charger and car charger.


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