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Grocery Shopping - The New Concept With A Huge Promise

Updated on May 4, 2020

Grocery Shopping - The New Concept With A Huge Promise

The Covid-19, or the Corona virus, as it is popularly known, is compelling mankind to rethink and readjust its usual pattern of life in many different ways.

Hardly ever, in the recorded history of the world, has an invading viral attack been able to catch the world in a state of such unpreparedness, wrecked havoc over such a vast area of the planet, affected such a huge number of the world population simultaneously at such an incredible pace, caused such a huge rate of mortality and disrupted human life to the brink of disaster.

As if that weren't enough, the human population, with the ferocity of the viral onslaught in mind, is forced to retreat to the apparently safe confines of respective homes. Isolating people indoors for prolonged time periods may shield them to quite an extent from the deadly virus. However, the method gives rise to a series of new problems basic to the existence of human not used to the life within such severely shrunken limits.
Indisputably, the most important of them all is the supply of grocery, inadequacy of which leaves people insecure, anxious and jittery.

At this crucial time, when approximately 80% of the world finds itself under complete or partial lockdown, hundreds of thousands of supermarkets and big stores around the world find themselves without customers - a development that may spell doom for their business.

Fortunately, the human race has learned to live with problems while finding solutions to those along the way. With both the business houses and the confined people around the world looking desperately for a way out, the concept of online grocery has emerged as a boon to everybody concerned.

With nearly two and a half decades of experience behind, as a professional in the IT sector, I recently took upon myself the task of exploring the trends and potentials of online grocery, motivated largely by the numerous queries received in this regard. Lockdown-worn people from varied quarters of life had mostly some common concerns to share:

a) How to get started with the online grocery supply system?
b) Who are the suppliers?
c) Are the supplier systems robust enough to meet the sudden surge in demand?
d) Can the suppliers match the increasing pressure on their supply systems to sustain them satisfactorily during and beyond the Corona-phase?
e) Is it likely that the post-Corona-phase will see the online grocery suppliers fall back to the old supply system - somewhat lax, slow, and casual?

A singular fact to emerge clearly from these queries is that quite a huge number of those concerned people, who have either opted for online grocery supply already, or are looking to join the system, have come to realize and appreciate the merits of the system even beyond the Corona crisis and include it in their way of life. A developed society has significantly higher percentage of population utilizing online grocery facilities anyway. But in the changed scenario, this percentage too has been showing a steady uptrend. Going by the indications obtained from across the world, the concept of online grocery is here to stay.

I was immensely impressed to come across a remarkably inspiring instance of human resilience where a number of individual grocery vendors, out of business by the recent Corona-related developments, joined hands to launch an online grocery vending platform.

It has been reported recently that many restaurants worldwide, with backs to the wall due to alarming rate of fall in business, have chosen the path of fast moving grocery vending. Emerging trends also indicate that many existing players in the online grocery vending segment are expanding infrastructure to cater to much larger clientele, while many large companies are investing briskly in grocery sites.

A grocery website is not merely a plain website, but a well equipped e-Commerce platform-cum management system covering every single step of the process from billing to shipping and inventory management.
Going online apparently seems to be the only way out to keep the shrinking and dying business afloat. The world has come to this realization - the sooner you wake up to the reality, the better it is.

My word of advice for the lockdown-hit existing business community - don't despair! Try to restore the snapped link with your customers by going online. With a more specific reference, the concept of online grocery, where you deal in commodities of everyday use with perpetual demand, there is every possibility of the consumer interest continuing to exist and grow exponentially way beyond the duration of the current crisis.

For the aspiring beginners of online grocery business, there could hardly be a better time to start than now!


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