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Groupon updates are Flooding my Facebook News Feed!

Updated on December 23, 2010

I don't know about the rest of you, but lately I've been completely inundated with messages letting me know that I can get free, coffee or $10 off on my next meal at Olive garden. Yay! Olive Garden! This is all thanks to some of my friends who have become mothers or who are expecting and have huge amounts of free time to dispose of. What a better way, then to log on to facebook and dump coupons on the rest of us from the legendary coupon compiler/social networking site

The whole idea behind groupon is amazingly ingenious. One of those moments when I feel like slapping myself in the face and saying "why I didn't I think of that!?"

So what does groupon get out of all of it? After all, passing on all these savings not to mention running the site has got to cost them something right?

Well, they get to be one of the best ways of drving customers to businesses. It's like the adds in a newspaper, but on a mass scale that reaches 300 million + regular users of facebook. And the best part is that it actually does't cost all that much to run. Instead of relying on random chance, banner adds to get the word out about a product, groupon get's it's customers to do the work for them. And from just one user, word can spread like wild fire, or even a disease.

They'e figured out 3 things that drive human beings....

1. The desire to save a buck or 2 on laundry detergent.

2. The need of something to help pass the time between work and sleep.

3. The desire to pass that 2 dollar savings on laundry detergent on to our friends and loved ones.

And with these three things they have built a business model that is incredibly successful but also incredibly annoying.

Thanks but No Thanks

None of the coupons are useful. I appreciate the fact that my friends and family are trying to be helpful and save me money. But I really hate most of the products that are being couponized. Plus I currently live outside of the US so most of the deals are completely useless to me.

I just wish I could tell everyone on facebook to stop sending me Groupon updates! PLease! Of course facebook has long been flooded with useless invites to zombie armies and personality quizzes, so it's nothing new. 

If you are tired of annoying Groupon ads post a comment below and vent! 


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