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6 Quick Tips to Launch Your Instagram Into Orbit

Updated on January 30, 2016


Activity - Without being active on your account it will be unable to grow. Every day that you do not post, or at least engage with your followers you will lose active followers and also lose the chance of gaining potential new followers that day. Being active can include anything from posting quality content, to liking photos, and even following other instagram users under a related hashtag


Hashtags - Hashtags are critical to bringing other instagram users to your page that may not have seen it originally. Make sure to do a quick search on which hashtags can best be used for the particular photo that you are posting.

Launch your account into orbit
Launch your account into orbit | Source

Posting Photos

Posting Photos - Make sure you are always posting quality content - think to yourself, If you were to see the last six photos photos that you have posted - would you follow yourself? Always make sure that your posts are high definition photos that suit your niche.



Niche - What is your niche? What is a niche? A niche is what category your account will post in, for example, your niche could be a gaming account. Or, more specifically, it could be a World of Warcraft account, or, even a more specific niche could be, World of Warcraft mounts and so on. Make sure you know what your niche is and you stick to posting photos that relate to it. Not only will it make your account look more organized and help with the overall aesthetics but it will help with continuously drawing in new followers as well as keeping the ones you have following you. Remember, they already followed you because of something you have already posted, KEEP IT CONSISTENT!


Farming - Farming is the act of liking photos, commenting on others photos, or following other users in the hope that they will do so in return. We will touch a lot more on this later but basically, search a hashtag that relates to your profile and start liking photos that have been recently posted by other users with this same hashtags. This can be one of the most important methods to drawing new potential followers to see your account and hopefully result in them following you and engaging with your content.


Captions - Make sure to make use of this space to really connect with your followers. Your instagram profile is like a mini blog, so make it that. Use this space to provide insight on what you think of the photo you are posting, DON’T OVER THINK IT! Just post what comes to mind. Consider including questions, or thinking of a way to get your users to tag other users in your photos, potentially drawing lots of attention to your content and account. Don’t forget to include hashtags! However, you can also include hashtags in the comments section of your photo to seem a bit less spammy! Also, I have found people definitely like it when some emoji’s are included in the caption!



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