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Guitar Hero, the hot video game for music lovers

Updated on July 9, 2011

If you like playing games and you like music, you probably thought how interesting would be to mix these two activities. After all, who doesn't like to spend a good time on its favorite game? That becomes even better if you can enjoy the music that you like.

In the last years, it has become increasingly easy to get good entertainment through games and music - all thanks to Guitar Player.

A New Playing Style

Picture yourself in front of your TV, enjoying the latest game with your friends. Instead only shoot or hunt for treasures, you can use guitar player to play with the music you like. It is almost as if you could play guitar as a rock-star.

Guitar Player is a game created by Activision, one of the largest game producing companies in the world. While it has excellent graphics and great especial effects, the big attraction in Guitar Hero is the music. The action in the game is to play the notes of the song that is playing, so that you don't miss the exact beat of each music.

Engaging as Nintendo Wii

Like other rhythm-oriented games, you score points whenever the right note is played in the right beat. It is similar to the dance games we can see in arcade game stores. It is only played with a guitar, instead of your feet.

Which brings to another interesting feature of guitar hero: the playing control is completely made for the game. No additional game control is necessary: you get a guitar-control, a game controller that give you all the sensational feeling of a musical instrument.

Guitar Hero follows the new wave of games that try to get as close as possible to reality, by simulating the environment and tools used in real situations. This is the same trend that brought the Nintendo Wii to the market. In guitar hero you will feel as you are in the center stage, player your guitar as a rock star, not just as a nerd typing in a little controller. This change of attitude is one of the great things about games such Guitar Hero: you feel connected to the subject as if you were in a real performance.

Guitar hero has become my favorite game: it is very additive, especially if you like the music that comes with it. The standard package comes with several well known Rock standards. Additional songs have been released for the game, and very soon there will be lots of sound libraries for interested players.

If you never had the opportunity of playing an engaging game, and if you like music, I suggest you to check Guitar Hero. It may well be one of the most well-spent money in terms of personal entertainment.


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      sierra rayn dodd 6 years ago

      your game rocks but i can't play it on the computar