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HADOOp: Eclipse configuration

Updated on March 29, 2016

Eclipse configuration for Hadoop/MapR on Ubuntu

You installed Hadoop on computer and want to write code with Eclipse. But you don't know how to configure Eclipse for Hadoop? and How to import jar file to Eclipse?
You could read very much articles from internet but you spent too much time these problems. And when you make a mistake, you continue search and search too much. Of course it resolved or didn't.

Now i write this short article for you. Read and you'll find necessary information.

I don't write about " How install Hadoop on ***?" "How to setup Eclipse on ***?" and so on. From internet you can search or you known about it.

Now, configuration Eclipse for Hadoop


Installed Java
Installed Hadoop
Have Eclipse IDE
Download Hadoop plugin for Eclipse: here


1. Combine the source code and build jar file with below command:
$ ant jar -Dversion=2.6.0 -Declipse.home=/opt/eclipse/ -Dhadoop.home=/usr/lib/hadoop/hadoop-2.6.0/
( my version 2.6.0, if your ver. is 2.4.0 change it by your version -2.4.0).
2. Copy plugin jar file from hadoop-eclipse-plugin/build/contrib/eclipse-plugin/hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.6.0.jar to /eclipse/plugin(directory).

3. After restart Eclipse, the MapReduce perspective will be available.

Below video tutorial shows you how to configure Eclipse with Hadoop step by step on Ubuntu

Eclipse configuration for Hadoop/MapR on Ubuntu


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