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Updated on February 17, 2012

Blogger Queen blogs Across the net How does she Do it?

This is a story about an innovative blogger queen who managed to get to the first page of Google and most search engines by blogging and content dropping, plus creating portals and links without any tricks, it's all technology and the engines.

Leslie Siegel blogger writer novelist and sometimes ghost hunter investigator has been blogging since 1984 when her friend, a chemist with the City of Los Angeles CA, thought she'd get a kick out of playing reality based games with his colleagues who also had the internet in their homes at that time.

During the early 1980's, Leslie Siegel had a chance to see the infancy of the Internet up close and personal. She noticed that the first thing they had was a Yellow Pages, then suddenly, just a quickly, a white pages went up electronically. But as for what the Internet is now, it was a far different frontier. Think of the pioneers when they first came out here in covered wagons.

That's what it was like for Leslie Blogger Queen. She actually obtained her name Blogger Queen in the late 2000's when she started her own business of Internet blogging and advertising. She had many different clients of all types and categories and she found out that if she wrote articles, built little blogs and made comments on Internet boards, that maybe enough people would click in, if only but for a second or two, and that raised her client up a notch, until slowly they would come up on the first page of Google or Yahoo.

But how did Leslie Siegel do this? How could she possibly have been on the Internet since 1984? Is that possible. Yes, it is. And she can prove it if you ask her. It was not the Internet of today. It was a small scale group user type set up where you found a number in a computer magazine, sent a money order to the po box, then ran out and bought something called a "genlock" that you attached to your computer.

Blogger Queen had many types, NEC, Commodore, Atari, Mac, you name it. She worked off Word Star, Note Pad, MAC Write, etc... then WordPerfect when that came out, and finally Microsoft Writing and scripting. It was a mad house at that time, but she was able to make all her clients show up in their own categories, and usually on page 1 of most engines.

A good example would be her first client ever, a golf pro from Florida who didn't even own or have a computer or email. So she built him a blog off and started making a buzz on boards of AOL and other browsers that were popping up in the late 1990's. It was easy to make people pop into the blog, and portals Blogger Queen set up for them to click. She kept track with stat counters popping up as free downloads, and she did lots of research about the Net and what was trending even before the word became popular. She was so far ahead of the others.

So how? How to get someone to show up without typing their name or company? How does Blogger Queen Leslie Siegel do it. "Well, first you go to and copy and paste their main website HTML from the page source. Then you start to talk about the history of their product or service whether that be acting coach, life coach, golf pro, even an actor up and coming, or a service like a spa or salon, even a female body builder who still garners at least a good 20 hits per day on the blog built for her 3 years ago!"

There's a knack to it. There's a unsteady, blurry-eyed science to it all, and some call it a dirty word beginning with "S" and ending with "M", which won't be said in this article due to search engine power. Content Blogging is now just being recognized as a fair way to make money. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, and even obscure ones like Miss USA Shanna Moakler make thousands with a tweet or two about products, which shows in the engines when duplicated and attached to that celebrity name.

If you type in "Donald Trump Leslie Siegel" you will get the Leslie Siegel Blogger Queen being talked about in this article. It's easy to get your name to show up with a celebrity name, but you cannot abuse it. Leslie Siegel says, "I can get my name to show up first page Google with Donald Trump, Bret Michaels and maybe one other celeb, but I don't want to over do it. There's a fine line between blogging and S....M!

Speaking on Blogger Queen Leslie Siegel's presence on the net, she does come up on first page Google if you type in Blogger Queen ... Or perhaps mix it up with Leslie Siegel Blogger, or whatever meets with anyone's fancy. But the idea behind it is not to make Leslie Siegel's name show,but to make the client's product or service show, and Leslie Siegel has had great success with this. She'd been blogging and getting the clients to show up for years. Now she does it all for fun and has sort of retired for the time being from blogging for cash. Her fingers are tired, but she is always willing to give anyone advice who wants to start something like that up.

This blogging can be used in very many ways, and some use it in a bad way by bashing you with blogs or other types of boards that show easy in the engines. Let Leslie tell you, "About 3 years ago I got an email from a blog DJ named Craig L. who is really a fireman out of Maryland somewhere. He wanted to interview me on his show on the net. I agreed, but accepted no money or fee. I just thought it sounded really cool, and I wanted others to know what I was and did on the net."

What happened after that was horrid, and made Blogger Queen sit back and start to really think about the power of the blogging she'd been doing for so long. It was starting to show up, and she had even made blogs for her own novel writing on her childhood at the UN Plaza in New York City during the 1970's. This DJ Craig took her interview and turned it into a disgusting joke and made Ms. Siegel look like a crazy girl. "I nearly lost my mind when I saw what he was doing and saying about me! So I called the station," says Siegel. "And I left desperate messages to please stop the interview. The very next show he did was about me again, but he had some woman with him and they were bashing me and making me look like a liar and evil person, and used that dirty word S....M!

It was indeed one of the first scary things that happened to Blogger Queen. DJ Craig rebuked her claims of being one of the first on the net to do such advertising, but he twisted it all around. So Ms. Siegel fought back the only way she knew how too, she made many blogs disputing his interview which he'd placed on a few engines and boards.

It was very embarrassing and uncalled for. But Blogger Queen came back fighting and she began content blogging anywhere that she was a good person and what DJ Craig said was all wrong, and finally after about 9 months, the bad posts were taken down, she had reported him to his blog station manager, he pulled out of BlogRadio and moved to some other place where he broadcasts to this day.

Now he only has one interview with Ms. Siegel involved, some one sided interview with a woman claiming to be the YOUTUBE QUEEN. Whatever the facts were, the posts were gone by the following year. If you Google "Rockland USA Leslie Siegel" you get his site, he left the meta tags, but took away the offensive interview, the first one. He left one interview, but it's all bunk!

The secret to blogging and getting the client to show is simple, and here's what you do:

1. GO to

2. Start a blog by cutting and pasting the client's HTML in page source to the blog, then add some final writings to the blog, a few photos, more about the client, especially in the big box at the top of blog. That's your portal meta tags.You use those and cut and paste your way across the net, but making articles and posts be part of the boards and sites you go to. You also ask for links and give them your links, and it takes about 9 months, and finally, if you are doing what you should be, and not over doing it, you should see it showing when you put in the category.

3. Go to boards or chat rooms and ask those in the rooms and boards to go and check out the client's main site as Blogger Queen did for the gold dealer she did it for.

4. Make a viral video a simple 40 second video on the site or person, it does not have to be perfect, and write a nice article about them, and place it in YouTube and other sites on Yahoo and Google, etc. If you make video fast and interesting, it will "viral" quickly as many of Blogger Queen's client's did. The Equal Opportunity Council is on first page google if you type in "top online job board" you will see them. Also other clients show up with same type of key words.

5. Keep up the posting, and keep searching. The more people that go to the portals and articles you write on the client, the higher the client's product/service is in Google or Yahoo. It sounds complicated but in my next aritcle I will tell you much more and show you more examples... This is just to warm the cake in the oven. Thank you.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is good. She gets to the heart of what new journalism is; I see this from various writing I do at the periphery of very hip NY upscale publications. She's got some good and useful ideas.


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