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How To Blocked Website In 3 Easy Steps?

Updated on April 25, 2013

Today, malicious and pornographic sites are rampant in the world wide web in which even a small child can easily access it without any restrictions. With this article specially if you are parents or an owner of an Internet Cafe craving for protection for your children and clients here you will learn how to simply blocked almost any website on the internet for free. How? With the new version of Avast Free Antivirus this particular great feature can be used without any fee or royalties or whatsoever. Here's how it's done:


Download the freeware and install it. Then open the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop. The new friendly interface of Avast Free Antivirus makes any user of it comfortable utilizing its great features including the blocking of any website.


Now go to Security tab and in the left side menu please select Tools then click Site Blocking. In this section you will have to check Enable Site Blocking in order to start encoding and adding the complete address of those websites that you wish to be blocked in all of the browsers. Once the website is added to this list it's instantly blocked.

To test if it's really in effect you may try opening the listed blocked website on the URL bar of your desired browser then click search or simply hit the Enter key of the keyboard.


The blocking of those websites will be useless if someone will just simply removed it from the list without security. That's why this freeware can also be password protected so that only the administrator of the computer can make necessary changes on the settings or the removal of the those blocked websites. To do it, just simply go to Settings then select Password and check Protect Avast! with Password. Input the desired password then re-enter it and you're given a preferences of what areas which you will have to protect but usually the default setting is already recommended one. And close the program then every time you access the restricted areas you will be prompted and asked by a password.

Finally, you are now rest assured that young users, children and students, of the internet in your home or in the computer shop were fully protected from malicious and pornographic websites and its forbidden activities.


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