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Updated on March 19, 2009

Tools you need...

This Hub is where I am going to post cool tools that I have found that are either FREE or very low cost that help me with my online success. You are going to need tools after all.

Google Talk your Internet Marketing best tool

You are going to have to talk to people if you are going to be online. There has to be some form of communication beyond the emails and the chat boxes.

RhondaKaye, my Kansas girl, turned me on to Google Talk. You can chat or better still like Skype (only better in my opinion) you can Google Talk. Just put on the headset and mic and wha-la!

Google Talk is Free and since its from Google the download is fast and safe.

I was burning up way too many minutes marketing on my cell phone so this was the perfect tool to provide some balance.

You can talk FREE and still have the chat box open for copy and posting links to each other which is a great way to look at the same pages or share content that is relevant to the conversation.

RhondaKaye and I were networking and brainstorming like we do (for our Internet Marketing students) and we were laughing out loud!

I'm telling you right now, we came up with some things that will just be wonderful in this industry. "Coming soon"

Laughing is nice when you have used your time wisely to establish a relationship so that you can have some FUN while you work. Rhonda did you feel like we were working? Did we come up with some great ideas? SURE!

Your business, its something that you own and you create if you want to enjoy the people that you work with,build those types of relationships. When you get enough people together like that, you will be unstoppable and have FUN.

Download the Google talk and add me: (it will send an invite to be on your list/chat if you just type in myhappylaptop in your Google talk box). Tell me you heard about it here.

Enjoy saving your minutes and being able to type and talk at the same time with a good headset. Remember, Oprah calls it multi tasking.

To your Success,



Google Talk Blog!

PIC RESIZE free no downloads

Here is PicResize a fabulous little tool that requires no downloads to use it.

All you need is the link to get there and then save to favorites so you can always get back to it. Here is the link

Also here is a bonus, the video I made that shows you HOW TO use it. Feel free to play, then pause and repeat while you open another window and drop in a photo. :)

Under that How to Video, is a short video with some cool music I made to show you some of the images I have been able to process with clarity. Enjoy!

If you would like to contact me, Google Talk me @ myhappylaptop


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Latisha, thanks for the comment, DO look into google talk and call me girl, we will finally chat and say Hey! I hope that you do :)

    • Latisha1 profile image

      Latisha Powell 

      10 years ago

      Great Article!

      I will look into google talk. Thanks for the advice.


    • myhappylaptop profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      RhondaKaye! I just finished Google Talk with you. Everyone this is my girl Rhonda! :D... She motivates and inspires me. You should check her out because when Networking with Rhonda you will find that Education is the Passport to Success and it is!

    • rhondakaye profile image


      10 years ago from Wichita, Ks

      You are marvelous darling. We were having a good time and coming up with master mind plans. Hub community if you want your business to be fun and watch your business take a huge leap...than myhappylaptop is the leader for you.


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