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HP Envy 360 15.6 1 Year Later

Updated on December 1, 2015

HP has made some great products. I have been using HP desktop and laptops forever since I owned my very first PC in the early 2000s which doesnt seem too long ago and it really hasnt. But I have been using the HP Envy 360 15.6 for over a year now. It still runs brand new. I even still have Windows 8.1 on my laptop right now. Just love how it gives me options to use in tablet mode as well in laptop. Those are not the only modes. It has tent mode and also has media mode. It really all depends on how you to use your devices in today world. If you want to have different devices for different functions, then you can do that. But by me owning this device, it works for everything I need it to do for me. Because of this laptop having more than one mode on how I use it. It really was worth money and price of it. Im sure the price has dropped now. But it is almost like having 4 devices in one. I can use it as a tablet, a phone, a PC, and TV!

By being able to use the metro style tiles from Windows 8.1 I am able to use most of my favorite apps from the Windows Store such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, TextNow, Pinger, OneNote, Amazon Kindle, and many more. Also the desktop mode is great as well. I have learned to adjust from not having the Start Menu anymore as a lot of users have cried for to come back in Windows 10. I don't miss it at all. As I still own a Windows 7 desktop and laptop. I just look back at those OSs and they just seemed so boring and simple. Which a lot of users wouldn't mind. But I like the different ways you can use Windows 8.1 and also the HP Envy laptop as well. I do believe that HP and Microsoft make great parnters in PCs. So lets recap the specs of this laptop.

Spec Sheet

15.6 Touchscreen laptop
8GB of RAM (Non-Expandable)
750GB of internal memory
Intel inside Core i5
Beats audio
1 HDMI port
1 3.0 USB
2 2.0 USB
1 Headphone jack
1 Ethernet port
1 Full SD Card Slot
FULL HD Display 1080x1920 resolution
Front Facing WebCam 720P
Bluetooth capabilities
Wireless Network
Wireless display capabilities


LED backlit keyboard
Multitrack trackpad
Dragon Assistant Software
360 convertible screen
HP Essentials
HP Cloud Drive App

Hp Envy 3 Months Later


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