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HP Slate vs iPad - Compare Specifications, Features, Prices and More

Updated on July 10, 2011

The iPad is the leader in the tablet market and in the entire technology market in general. It's a Juggernaut, with it's beautiful 9 inch touch screen, app store with thousands upon thousands of apps right now. Everyone either has one, or wants one - it's a revolution.

Of course when something so revolutionary comes along, there are always those that oppose it; and this, at least in the case of the iPad and tablets, is a good thing. It's good to have competition; it will push the market and technology into realms never thought possible. Who knows what these device will look like in five years... but, for now, they will have to grind it out with each other.

The iPad has yet to have much competition. The only competition it had in 2010 was the Samsung galaxy tab that, although it did sell a decent amount of units, didn't come even close to the amount of devices the iPad moved. 2011 is a different year, though. It's full of iPad alternatives, all of them trying to find a place in the market, and even try and uphold the top spot the iPad holds.

The leader of those iPad alternatives? The HP Slate. With it's similar price, similar screen size and similar features there are already questions about which is better. Is the HP slate better than the iPad? iPad or slate?

Now begins the battle between the two; HP slate v iPad; slate HP vs iPad; HP vs iPad; however you want to call it doesn't matter. Let the comparisons begin.


HP Slate Versus iPad - Specifications Compared

The first thing people will compare, and people want to know, when looking at the HP slate against the iPad is the specifications. They want to know, on paper, which device is more powerful. It's something fundamental about us; in our mind, whoever is more powerful, will have the upper hand. Maybe not consciously, but sub-consciously.

At first glance the specification between the HP slate v iPad are quite similar. Both are powerful, both have 3G capability, both use touch screen. It's when you look deeper, into the power and processes of the two devices, that things become different. Quite different.

HP vs iPad - Specifications Table Compared

HP Slate
Intel UMA
32/64 GB Flash
16/32/64 GB Flash
1 GB
SD Card Reader, Headphone Jack, 1 USB Port, Dock Connector
Dock connector, Audio Jack, Micro SIM Tray
Windows 7
iPhone OS 3.2
Up to 5 Hours of use
Up to 10 Hours

As you can see some of the specs between the two are quite similar while some are in favor of the HP slate and some the iPad.

The most notable advantage to the HP slate is that is the number of ports it has compared to the iPad. It has a SD card reader as well as a USB dock; this makes it much more useful as a computer, sharing pictures and saving and transferring data.

The iPad's screen still has a notable advantage as well it's battery life. Other specs, like RAM and graphics can't be compared due to no data being known for the iPad. It's safe to assume though that both are similar, perhaps giving the edge of graphics to the iPad and the edge of RAM of the HP slate.

HP Slate
HP Slate
Apples iPad
Apples iPad

HP Slate vs the iPad - Features Compared

The next big question between the two devices is the features. If the specs between the Slate and the iPad are similar the next deciding factor would be the features. Right?

Let's first talk about the biggest feature difference between HP and Apple: the camera, or lack of. The iPad, at least the first version, came with no camera on the front or back; this was odd, considering the success the iPhone 4 had with a camera in the front and back.

The HP Slate, however, will come with two cameras, with one in the front and one in the back. The front camera will act like a webcam does on a computer and will work with Skype and all kinds of video chats (it'll take pictures too). The camera on the back is suspected to be a high quality HD camera. This, right here, gives a major advantage to the HP slate in terms of features.


There are rumors that in the spring a new version of the iPad will be released that have, like the iPhone 4 and the Slate, a camera on the front and back. If this is the case then the comparison becomes obsolete. As a consumer, though, who has waited for a camera on the tablet (and didn't buy the first iPad) I would be reluctant to buy the pricier iPad over the Slate. It's like Apple is just trying to play the market perfectly to make the most money (although most Apple lovers won't care) this will cause, I think, some people to lean over to the HP Slate.

HP Slate and iPad Features Compared

HP Slate
Front and Back
App Store
Computer Like Processor
Windows 7
Screen Size
9.2 inches
9.6 inches

Does Price Matter?

If it does matter than I think many people will opt to buy the HP slate whose 64 GB is almost 300 dollars less than the iPad.

If it doesn't matter?

Then it's a toss up.

Slate vs iPad?

See results

Slate HP vs iPad - Prices

Next, and maybe the determining factor is the price between the HP slate and the iPad. For most consumers that's all they care about; if two tablets are similar in specs and features it will come to which one is cheaper.

The iPad comes in six prices:

  • 16 GB (Wi-Fi) - 500
  • 32 GB (Wi-Fi) - 600
  • 64 GB (Wi-Fi) - 700
  • 16 GB (3G) - 629
  • 32 GB (3G) - 729
  • 64 GB (3G) - 829

The HP Slate will come in, reportedly, two forms:

  • 32 GB (Wi-Fi and 3G) - 549
  • 64 GB (Wi-Fi and 3G) - 600

HP Slate vs iPad - Other Factors

It's going to come down, in the final battle between Slate and iPad, to what you need to use it for.

I think two statements can sum up the two products:

  • The iPad is an entertainment device that is great for reading books, watching movies and playing games.
  • The HP Slate is a great business device that is optimized for sharing information, creating projects, and doing work.



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