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Top HP Touch Tablet Case Review 2013 - 2014

Updated on December 3, 2013

Finding the Right HP Tablet Case

The new touch tablets that are coming out these days are portable compact devices that can accomplish almost as much as a regular laptop.

One of their biggest weaknesses, however, is the danger in dropping, scratching, and dinging that expensive tablet.

Here’s a list of five touch tablet cases which were the top rated by consumers in 2013.

5 stars for HP Touch Pad Leather Protective Gladiator Sleeve

HP Touch Pad Leather Protective Gladiator Sleeve

Although this is the priciest touch tablet case on the HP website, you certainly get more features for your money out of the case when you make a bigger investment. One of the best features of this particular touch tablet case is that it is waterproof, so that it really does a good job of protecting your touch tablet from the elements or accidental spills.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about looking low budget when you house your touch tablet in the HP Touchpad Leather Sleeve, because the top grain leather both looks and feels classy.

There is also an extra layer on the HP Touchpad Leather Sleeve, and the interior is made of microfiber, so that it is extremely difficult to cause any sort of minor damage to your touch tablet while it is nestled inside this case.

There is also a fold-down flap with magnetic closures, so that it’s easy to get your touch tablet in and out, but also easy to feel certain that it is securely inside the case and not ready to fall out at any minute. This case also comes with a one-year limited warranty, and weighs only 0.37 pounds.

HP StealthArmor Back

Although the StealthArmor Back for Touchpad does not fully encase your touch tablet, in a lot of ways it is even better – because you don’t actually have to worry about a case when the back of the touch tablet is so well-protected. The material of this casing was actually originally designed for racecars, which is a testament to its durability and rigidity.

The StealthArmor Back for Touchpad weights only .02 pounds, so it won’t make your touch tablet any less portable. Additionally, you can purchase this casing in several different styles, including wood grain, tungsten, white carbon fiber, black carbon fiber, and brushed aluminum, so that you can personalize your touch tablet and make it fit with your personal style and preferences.

Genuine HP TouchPad 9.7" 16/32GB Tablet Slipcase Cover Sleeve Case

This is a great touch tablet case for anyone who loves the vintage yet classy look. With the herringbone design that looks like it belongs more on a stylish suit than a touch tablet case (it even has a button!), you will never be embarrassed to carry your touch tablet in a case again. The exterior of this case is actually surprisingly sturdy, so that you don’t have to worry about your touch tablet getting easily damaged with a simple fabric encasing it.

This HP 9.7” Touchpad Sleeve zips shut, so that you don’t ever have to worry about your touch tablet falling out of its case for any reason. This case is also compatible with any laptop or mini or touch tablet that has a screen of 9.7 inches or less, so that you can actually kill two birds with one stone by purchasing it. It also comes with a one year limited warranty, so that you don’t have to worry about it wearing out or failing you within just a few months of purchasing this touch tablet case from HP.

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HP TouchPad Custom Fit Case

This is one of the most multipurpose touch tablet cases available from HP, as it can double as a stand for your touch tablet and make watching movies or YouTube clips even easier and more enjoyable.

Because this particular touch tablet case is so lightweight, it does not hinder you from being able to carry your touch tablet with you wherever you. You can actually fold the case both horizontally and vertically so that you can view your touch tablet from several different angles while it is housed in the HP Touchpad Case, making your experience with your touch tablet even better than it already is.

There are also holes in this case so that you can easily fit your headphones into the headphone jack without having to take your touch tablet out of the case, and there are holes for the volume buttons as well, making it easy to continue regular use of your touch tablet at all moments when the HP Touchpad Case is on.

You can even charge your touch tablet with this case on, when you use the Touchstone charging dock. All of these features make the HP Touchpad Case one of the most ideal touch tablet cases around, because essentially it is made to stay on the touch tablet after you put it on, so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of constantly taking your touch tablet in and out of its case.

HP Touchpad 9.7" Zippered Sleeve Graystone

This is another great touch tablet case from HP, as it both protects your touch tablet as well as allows you to easily transport either in your hand or in another bag. Unlike most of HP’s other touch tablet cases, the HP Touchpad Sleeve conveniently has zippered pockets on its exterior, making it possible for you to carry not only your touch tablet in this case, but other accessories and devices as well.

The classy, sleek design of this particular case is combined with functionality, as it has both the zippered pockets as well as a zipper to house the actual touch tablet, so that you can rest assured that your touch tablet will remain secure as long as it is in this case.

While the exterior is rugged and durable, protecting your touch tablet and the case from stains, dings, and scratches, the interior is lined with faux fur, so that your touch tablet remains safe during its stay in the HP Touchpad Sleeve. Comes with a one year limited warranty as well.

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