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Best HTC Desire Covers and Cases

Updated on September 20, 2012

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Protective covers for HTC Desire

Have you bought the HTC Desire?

Good choice if you have, it's a great phone and I've been well impressed with mine for a few months now.

No matter how careful you are with your phone you still can't prevent it from dust and dirt and even scratches and knocks.

Accidents happen and even if you've got insurance its still proves wiser to protect your HTC Desire in the event of anything happening.

Have a look at my choices for covers and protection, there's some really good stuff out there and seriously they are a good investment.

I may be over protective (I've got 2 cases, one is a back protector shell and the other is a soft case for the phone to sit in). Really, I know it seems more than a little over the top but if you saw more last phone you'd think I wasn't being careful enough.

Okay, so below are my favourites of the HTC Desire Cases on the market.

For those that live an adventurous life you can't beat the Otterbox as it completely encapsulates the phone so protects it from what ever you might get up to at work or play.

There are some really cute flower cases that have been well designed and look great.

And there is a wide range of stylish looking leather cases for those that want to look more sophisticated.

Otterbox Defender Series to fit HTC Desire

If you want absolute protection against the day to day wear and tear of your HTC Desire then look no further that the Otterbox Defender Series for HTC.

This design encompasses all protection for those of us who are clumsy, have butterfingers or work/ live a rugged life that means knocks and bumps are a regular fact of life.

I've found that a number of people I know that work outdoors at Mountain biking centers use the HTC Desire Otterbox for their phones because they had ruined too many phones in their line of work.

The Otterbox is made from a polycarbonate shell and has a clear membrane skin for the touch screen.

It has been specially designed to allow access to all ports and features on the HTC Desire and will provide peace of mind that your lovely new phone will be absolutely protected.

Be The First to Get The BoxWave HTC Desire ARMOR Case

Cool! This newly released armour case looks fantastic and ideal for the accident-prone ; )

The BoxWave Armour Case is made from anodised aluminum which makes it very strong but lightweight so that you won't notice it. 

BoxWave has added a layer of foam for the interior which treats your HTC Desire to a little comfort and added protection so that the cell phone sits securely in place

There is a side closure which is very secure and has been fitted to form with all the correct holes to ensure you have full access to all that your phone can deliver.

These Skull Cases are Cool and Individual to Make your HTC Different From Others

Looking for something completely different to protect your HTC Desire, then look no further that this skull hard shell.

This case is a premium quality hard case protector and easily snaps on to the back of the Desire.

It has been form fitted to allow all access to all ports, providing excellent phone funtionality.

Also included is a case removal tool, so you'll no longer struggle to change case styles after hunting around for someone to lend their nails to the task.

Stylish Krusell Leather Cases

Okay, so many of us the feel of leather over plastic is much more preferable and thankfully the makers of HTC Desire protective cases have finally gone out and made us some really nice HTC leather cases.

The premium leather pouch by Krusell is perfect, it feels really nice and is made from lovely glossy leather and has been finished with suede lining in a contrasting color to really shoe off how nice this item is.

Also included is a clip on the rear which can be attached to belt loops to keep the phone in place. The Krusell leather case for the HTC Desire also has a hidden magnetic closing.

Wow! Screen Protector and Shield

Have a look at these great shields and screen protectors.

Great package because you know you'll need to use the screen protector anyway (or perhaps that’s just my being overly careful yet again).

I mean its well worth having the screen protector to stop any scratches from heavy fingers.

The Skinomi TechSkin are really resilient and will make your phone look great for a long time to come, easy to fit in a second and great looking.

BoxWave Velvet Pouch

These are COOL!

Just want a simple pouch to put your phone in, just simple and fun? These are definitely the ticket!

Love, love, love them.

The BoxWave have really made some great protectors for the HTC Desire and have produced a fabulous one here.

The BoxWave Velvet Pouch comes in a range of colors from olive green, cosmic pink, jet black and bold orange.

The velvet pouch for HTC Desire feel great to the touch and a must have for protecting your TC Desire from dust, dirt and the fluff at the bottom of your bag or in the pockets fo your coat.

They're a snip at the reduced price of $7.50, so snap them up before they go out of sale.

Ah, Time For the Pink Lovers!

If you've been looking for a protective case for your HTC Desire and wanted it to be of quality and in a pretty pink then this is just the item for you.

The fashionable carrying pouch is ideal to fit your cell phone in and provides easy access to it when ever needed.

The pink HTC case is not only sleek but feels great and has a soft velveteen inner lining which keeps your phone nice and scratch free.

Included with this pouch is a belt clip attachment.

Red Leather Carrying Pouch

Perhaps you’re more into red than pink, if so then this version of the same great style should do the trick.

It has all the same best features as the pink case above with its soft velveteen inner lining.

It will keep your HTC Desire nicely snug and safe in its protective case, whilst keeping unwanted dust and dirt out.

You can wear your phone sideways on your belt so that you always have access to your lovely phone.

Or perhaps you prefer to have a vertical leather pouch that is equally great for your HTC Desire.

This style again has a handy belt loop attachment to ensure your phone is always with you.

BoxWave MicroDot HTC Desire Case

Have a look at these BoxWave rubberised shell cases for the HTC Desire.

The BoxWave MicroDot HTC Desire rubberised case will really add a protective outer skin to the cell phone, and will nicely protect it from any accidental knocks and scraps.

The shell is easy to fit and even to take off; it just clips over the Desire phone, encasing it in a lovely feeling rubber shell.

Even if you need to take out the battery from your phone it won’t take a minute to pop the phone out of the BoxWave shell, it’ll be done in a jiffy.

The BoxWave Microdot HTC Desire case is definitely top of my list for protective casings and doesn’t cost the earth either.

Exercise Armband for HTC Desire

Try this great arm band for carrying the HTC Desire phone in.

Do you like to take your phone with you whilst you exercise?

Do you like listening to music whilst out running aand no pockets to put your phone in?

Have a busy life and can't be out without your phone whilst on the tredmill. If so to any of these then try it.

The exercise arm band for HTC Desire comes with a Love VG Wrist Band and Droid Earphones with microphone so there's no need to stop running whilst your on the go.

The Fab HTC Desire


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    • profile image

      Gerald 6 years ago

      One of the accessories I got for my HTC was a screen protector. I was more careful with what screen protector I chose because I had use some that gave my phone an annoying rubbery feel. I got GadgetShieldz full body coverage for my HTC, and fortunately, it didn't have a rubbery feel.

    • tinywarrior profile image

      tinywarrior 6 years ago from Where there's fields, mountains, sea and road

      Hi Kirsty,

      My HTC does use up a lot of battery power as I use the internet all the time. It might be worth checking that the WiFi is off as this will use up more battery life than if you were just using the 3G.


    • profile image

      Kirsty  6 years ago

      I have this phone and its amazing the graphics are awesome and the overall quality is fantastic. The only problem I have is due to the excessive internet I use my battery dies by the night, however that is by my doings. Would recommend it to anyone .