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HTC One M9 vs Sony Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Updated on November 30, 2015

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I have for a long time been dreaming of a day when all the mobile phone brands will just be complete enough that we can have multiple choices. Well, it seems my long awaited day has come and for once, I am no longer thinking of it as great anymore since I am in a dilemma like most of you. Okay, let me put it this way, I am on a dilemma just like many of those people who love owning the top gadget of the bunch day in day out.

But hey, let me not bore you with all my preferences and opinions. Lets get started.


I felt like some few facts could be put across the table below. I know that I did not include everything, such as memory capacity, battery and so on. Well, all the top smartphones always come bundled with lots of cloud storage on top of the 'too many' variants such as 16GB, 32GB, 64 GB, 128 GB (?)

HTC One M9
Xperia Z3
Galxy S6
iPhone 6
Screen PPI
Screen Tech
Super LCD3
Super Amoled
Snapdragon 810
Snapdragon 801
Not Released
Not Yet released
3 (common)
Build Quality
Not Rated
Not Rated
Not Rated
Not Rated
Not Rated
Not rated
Not Rated
Not rated
Not Rated
Not Reviewed
Not Reviewed
Not Rated
Not Rated
Average Score:

The Battle is On

The Sony Xperia Z3
The Sony Xperia Z3

These phones are on a really tough contest because the processor speed, interface and the power consumption among other things are so much related. Even the Camera! It will only take the experts in photography to notice the differences between the photos taken by all the above smartphones.

Granted, the megapixel count does not count much, but right there, HTC has already learnt its lesson. As it seems, this was a season of atonement: each phone maker confessing its sins in secret and coming out wearing their cleanest linen. Let's face it. If there is any surly change, then it should be on the Sony Xperia z3. But not long, we will be hugging the Sony Xperia z4. I just wonder if anyone else is as excited as I am on this. Anyway, back to the atonement, let us break it down a bit and see what's up!

Samsung Galaxy S6, is S5 Your Brother? Really?

Samsung Galaxy s6, Samsung's flagship phone for 2015
Samsung Galaxy s6, Samsung's flagship phone for 2015

I often wondered how a brand like Sammy would soar so much in the space of smartphone success yet it always came out with a crappy plastic device with all the gimmick there is one year after another. I also wondered how all of us would defend Samsung more than it defends itself by buying its new phones in dozens and then waking up the following day only to find all the glossy edges have disappeared to, I don't know to where, yet have the guts to say "Samsung smartphones are simply the best!"

This was really annoying and I know of a friend who would invest more that $30 just to get a nicer feeling case for any Galaxy smartphones he owned over the last 2 years.

I know I am good at nitpicks. And nothing more. But Samsung had really disappointed me and the last phone I owned was the S3. I still own it by the way, alongside HTC One and I love that baby (S3), it has served me diligently for all those years and it still rocks! In fact, since it is only the phones appearance that has killed my pride, I bought a nice case for it. Yeah, I bought a case for it, just like my friend has been doing. Because it is Samsung.

All that aside, Samsung went back to the drawing board, I heard it is called "Project Zero." They took out new slates and started designing a space ship that will be blameless in the eyes of critics like 'HTCLove'. However, I do not think Samsung changed the game from plastic to metal and glass because we have been complaining. It is not about us.

They saw that they were losing the market fast, and if you ask me, I will refer you tho the statistics for the last quarter of 2014.

You may also be interested in reading the bad news/good news (good or bad depends on which camp you are from) if you have't already.

My point is, Samsung opened its eyes and they have now come out with a top notch smartphone. My view on the new Samsung Galaxy flagship ends here. But I have to say that, if this is how Samsung is going to be playing it for the next decade, I am totally in. Oh HTC, what should I do?

Mr Pricey: The iPhone

The iPhone 6
The iPhone 6

I am not going to say that I have to close one eye to look at the iPhone 5 but, really, jumping from 4" screen iPhone 5 to 4.7" iPhone 6 tells me Apple though I had been doing that. For them, however, they did not have to learn it the hard way. Therefore, I think they finally realised that we had not been holding our phones the wrong way all the time! The screen was a pain, Apple.

I have to admit, there is no much difference between a the Samsung Galaxy s6 and the Galaxy Note 4 in terms of screen real estate when it comes to usability, but believe me, a 4.0" compared to 4.7" is as clear as night and day.

If you were to look at Google trends (Yes, I had to look at those stats too because they give us an idea of what people are interested in. Look at the graph for the beginning of the last quarter of 2014. Isn't that pure truth that Apple did the right thing after such a long time? If you are not so sure about that, let us also take a look at the figures: Apple is now leading in smartphone sales, in profits. So, people are giving Apple some love it deserves.

I will not bore you with what I think, for I do not see myself owning an Apple smartphone due to the way I love tinkering with my toys and the last thing I want is to get closed down in a system. However, I love my Mac, 2010 version but do not laugh. I cannot see a reason to replace it yet. Which purely defines the reason as to why Apple devices stand out so much. I stand to be corrected though, has anyone spotted a Mac that they didn't fall in love with on first sight?

Back to the iPhone 6, the phone is beautiful, it is powerful and it is just as premium as we have come to expect. However, it is just a matter of platform dependent choice now, and nothing more.

HTC One M9: I heard you, I mean, snap more now!

The megapixel debate has been on the headlines for, say, 5 years? Maybe I am wrong if I introduce the name Nokia into this equation but you get it; to Nokia, now Microsoft Mobile, goes specs (or rather it used to) and to the rest, like HTC and the iPhone, they believe that quality is prime. Well, truth be told, 8 megapixels is nothing that bad, but 4 Megapixel is lame. In fact, the only feature on the HTC One smartphone camera, the One M7 I own, is the burst mode feature.

I love holding the camera button down and taking a burst of frames without the need to change between camera modes. I also love the premium design. However, my only issue, and as it seems everyone else's problem, was the tiny camera that was placed on the two HTC One M9 predecessors.

Tell me about the UltraPixels or anything similar, it still won't help. I need photos I can print out nicely without worrying about their sizes. I want a photograph I can crop however I want without losing too much detail. Someone will tell me to buy the old Lumia 1020 and make use of the 41 MP but I do not want a phone with a hump in my pocket.

Long story short, HTC has cracked it. They have managed to cramp all the UltraPixels they could find, and finally, the phone has made it into my heart, where the M8 didn't and that is why I still use the M7 two years down the line.


This conclusion will seem rushed as there is a lot that I have not mentioned above. I, however, will be updating this hub as soon as I get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the HTC One M9 and of course the sexy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the latter of which I did not add on the list because you won't actually get much or lose anything were you to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

I introduced this comparison review by stating that there is someone out there who wants to break my relationship with HTC. Yeah, I am talking about Samsung. It will only a matter of time before we see if it recovers from the plummeting sales in the previous year or not. But most certainly, I strongly think it will with such a stellar device.


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