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HTC One X Common Problems

Updated on February 16, 2015


HTC One X is a great phone, and it has been chosen as the second best phone of 2012 by EISA. Of course, iPhone 5 was not launched at that time, but still, HTC One X is an amazing smartphone, it's fast, it has a great display. But, just like every smartphone out there, it has its flaws that are getting the user frustrated and depressed. I'm trying to gather all the issues that you might encounter once you buy a new HTC One X, some containing the fix, some only the warning. If you have a flawless One X then you are really lucky, and you should protect your device as good as you can. Buy a protective case for it, a screen shield and try not to drop it on the floor. You will find out that replacing that display it's pretty expensive. Better be safe, right?


HTC One X Wifi Connectivity Problems

WiFi connectivity is probably the most usual problem that you'll get with HTC One X phones. After many complaints from customers, HTC finally acknowledged that the problem exists, and they even provided a fix on their website. Of course, they will not change your phone if you discover that your One X has a poor WiFi performance. The problem usually appears in Tegra 3 models.

How to see if your HTC One X has WiFi connectivity problems

  1. You have really poor WiFi signal
  2. If you press the case between the camera and the volume buttons, the WiFi signal level increases two or three times
  3. Your Internet router is 2 or 3 feet away, but you still get poor signal

What are your options in this case?

The phone must be disassembled, and a really fast and easy fix must be performed on the WiFi antenna connection. I'm still curios to this day why the manufacturers have not fixed this extremely annoying issue (if it's so easy to fix). Regarding the disassemble of the phone, it is really important to send it to a local GSM Service or to HTC Service rather than trying to fix it by yourself. I have tried this and I have messed up the display and the touchscreen so bad, I had to replace them. It's really difficult to open the phone without the proper tools, so don't even try it (even if it seems easy in the video).

How to fix HTC One X Wifi problems

What problems do you encounter on your HTC One X smartphone?

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HTC One X Display Problems

If you dropped the HTC One X on the ground, you are out of luck. The warranty won't cover this, and you need to pay for a new display. The official HTC service will ask for a lot of money. You can pay for that, or you can order a new display from the Internet and change it at your local GSM Service. Remember to look for original OEM parts.

Why you should never get only the digitizer or the display

One X features a LCD2 display, and if you have cracked or messed up the digitizer, you need to get the full Screen. It's almost impossible to put together the screen and the digitizer, so you need to buy the full assembly. Once more, try to get a genuine part!

Flickering screen problems

If you experience flickering screen problems, you should use the warranty and ask them to fix it for you. If you're out of warranty, and you can live with this problem, let it be!

Yellow-ish tints on the side

If you experience yellow points/dots/areas on the side of the HTC Screen, you should send it to warranty. If you're out of warranty, here are your options:

  1. You can try to buy a new display assembly and change it, but you risk to buy a display with lower quality than your existing one
  2. Try to live with this problem if it does not bother you this much

I had this problem and I hated it! Finally, I've changed the display...

HTC One X Charging Problems

If you experience really slow charging via USB cable, you should know that this is a common problem on HTC One X phones, and you should try to charge using the electric charger as often as possible. Some users said that the HTCs charged using the normal charger lasted longer.


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    • profile image

      Veeresh Raj 3 years ago

      I have been using the HTC one x from the past 10 months. No issues related to any SW and HW. But some time I experience the burning heat on my screen and throughout phone while speaking on it. As usual if, the phone gets heated up battery will be drained off within few minutes. Is there any home made solutions or do I need to contact HTC service since it is still under warranty.

    • profile image

      alex 3 years ago

      My HTC one x I have to put on speaker phone to hear when getting or making a call I dropped it what can I do

    • profile image

      alex 4 years ago

      never had any problem with my one x... im very satisfied with the device. Its awesome

    • profile image

      Phil 4 years ago

      The htc one x is a very poorly designed phone. With normal use the phone switches to silent mode causing me to miss calls. The company has ignored my complaint.