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Hackers Hack Into Your Cell Phones

Updated on December 28, 2009

Sooner or later is Here

 Much like it was in 1999 for users of the Internet and security virus problems, the same early hybrid issues then are now happening to owners of cell phones. Recently, the Nokia N97 phone was the first cell phones that hackers hacked into and received a virus even with protection software. Hackers also hacked into the Nokia phone and altered charges made to the owners accounts. Not a good sign.

More bad news. Hackers have been able to hack their way into more than 100 phones during the Academy Awards using a short range Bluetooth device. Hackers were able to hack into a cell phone a mile away also using a Bluetooth connection. Must be pretty easy. The Apple iphone has been compromised as well using a test worm on iphones that can run unauthorized software.

As the cell phone becomes the most used device and mobile mini-computers, hackers are finding ways into them and it is just a matter of time until cell phone accounts are hacked and vital information, phoney charges, drained bank accounts become new headlines. Right now, the dangers are limited and mostly in Asia, but if you buy and sell using your phone, visit your bank account information using the cell phone. Think twice! Hackers could be within a mile of you and intercept the invisible signal without you knowing.


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    • Anonymous00 profile image

      Anonymous00 5 years ago

      Back when Super Bluetooth Hack was still around :P ... Nice article.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      How weird, have no idea.

    • profile image

      Mykon Ransome 5 years ago

      my phone account runs out without my knowlege. I think am a victim of cell phone hacking, please how can i stop this?