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The UFO/Alien Presence: Hacking The Pentagon - Biggest Hacks of All Time (Gary McKinnon)

Updated on December 14, 2012

The Biggest Military Hack Of All Time

Update: It has now been announced by Home Secretary Theresa May that Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to US. It has also been announced that Gary will not be facing charges in the UK either. Congratulations to Gary McKinnon on the success of this long-lasting battle. Gary was trying to do the right thing for humanity.

In 2002 UK hacker and Aspergers Syndrome sufferer, Gary McKinnon, was arrested by UK's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit in what has become referred to as the biggest military hack of all time. Using the name 'Solo' Gary McKinnon allegedly and rather impressively spent a total of thirteen months hacking into computer systems operated by NASA, US Army, US Navy, Department of Defense and US Air Force.

Ten years on Gary McKinnons battle against being extradited to US where he could serve up to 60 years in prison has only just been won. If convicted in UK Gary would serve up to a maximum of 12 months. Authorities claim that Gary deleted critical system files and caused over $700,000 worth of damage although Gary disputes these claims. Gary McKinnon has gone on to become somewhat of an international hero within the UFO community and was interviewed by Project Camelot (see video below). He also managed to gain backing from Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and Chrissi Hynde from The Pretenders. Gary's says his main interest now is his music career.

Gary claims that he was merely searching for evidence of UFO's and suppressed zero-point technologies (free energy) after being sucked into the whole Disclosure Project arena. The Disclosure Project is an organization that has collected over 400 testimonials from government and military witnesses, who gathered at the National Press Club (NPC) in 2001 to testify their knowledge of the US government having been suppressing information on free energy technology and intelligent extraterrestrial intelligence.

In the Project Camelot interview Gary McKinnon claimed he accessed evidence that confirms the testimonies of people such as Donna Hare, indicating that NASA regularly airbrush out images of UFO's and hide evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life. Gary claims he accessed a set of folders, one name 'filtered' and one named 'raw' and says that one 'raw' image was a picture of a gigantic cigar-shaped object suspended above the northern hemisphere with geodesic domes either side, above and below. He says it had none of the riveting usually associated with man-made manufacturing and in his opinion the object is not of this world.

The object described sounds uncannily similar to the 139 meter long Andromeda-Gerat developed by Nazi Germany during WWII. However, this machine itself is quite mysterious - why is it name after a galaxy 39 light years away (the nearest) and why does it have an extraterrestrial briefing room? Maybe the Nazis were in contact with Andromedan extraterrestrials. On the other hand, research shows that similar craft called vimanas and vailixi may have been around for thousands of years.

Gary also claims to have found documents relating to fleet-to-fleet transfers and a list of non-terrestrial off-world officers with none of the officers being officially documented to actually be a part of any specific military organization (US Air Force, US Navy, etc).

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      jacob wilhelm 

      9 years ago

      you give me haching abily or you can have a talk with the preadent


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