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Hard Drive Crashed - No Backup

Updated on January 21, 2014

My awesome computer skills at work!

What a week. My hard drive crashed on my laptop. I have trained businesses in computer software, and worked on computers for years. You know what one of my mantras was? BACKUP, Backup, BACKUP! Guess what I hadn't done for weeks. I WORK on that laptop. I had a cheap harddrive and it crashed. Not the kind of crash you can recover. The kind that takes thousands of dollars of work in a clean room to MAYBE recover the weeks of writing books that you didn't save. Geeeeeesh. What a dummy. You should have seen me hopping around my living room. I said a few, um, spicey words. No one was home, and I just kept yelling at myself. The day the techies told me I couldn't recover it without investing my vacation fund, my hubby bought a cake and we held a wake. My kids joined in as I mourned my loss.

As you can see, a I still kept my sense of humor. I don't know how, but I did. Thankfully websites are saved online, and I have a desktop that I use to back up some things. I finally went out and got a large external drive to make it easier for my lazy butt to do backups. Whew.

THEN.....I tried to blog. I just recently started blogging. And I wrote a nice long one that I just loved. When I told it to save....whooosh, it was gone. I tried again. Whooosh again! What am I doing? Is it something I did? Maybe my laptop cursed me when I broke it. The truth here...the hard drive crashed right after it. Oops. So sorry little laptop. I really am. So, I am finally trying again to see if I can save this post. That's why it's not really full of helpful stuff.

My message of the day: BACKUP

2nd message: Don't drop the ones you love.

Here goes. Hope to see you on the web. worked! I must be forgiven. Well, I am writing on my new laptop. I really love my new laptop. Gotta talk sweet. When my hard drive crashed, I went out and bought a new hard drive, and my back-up drive. Then I spend a day getting it setup with my links. I haven't even tried to start writing the stuff I lost. I will though.

So, I guess I will go get ready for Turkey day. Hope you all have a great day.

What's the Best Hard Drive?

So when we have a choice of hard drives, which one is rated the best? When I bought my little laptop, I was going for cheap at the time. After my hard drive crashed I read about Hitachi hard drives. It appears that quite a few of them had to be replaced, at least the ones installed in compaq laptops. So what are the good brands?

Seagate seems to rate pretty high in a lot of categories according to PC Magazine. Seagate has been around for a while, and their newer drives rate pretty high. They rated one of the Hitachi drives pretty well, so it seems to you have to compare the exact models and do a little research before you purchase. Western Digital is a dependable brand. I bought the Western Digital internal hard drive that advertises being tougher when knocked around and abused. Hopefully I will NEVER drop another laptop again, but I prefer to be on the safe side. I didn't actually drop it. It just slipped of the stand when my feet got tangled in the cord. Oops. I tried to grab it, and it only dropped about one foot from my hand to the floor. But...that was to jiggle the internal components in the drive and totally trash it.

Seagate rates the highest in their external hard drives also. Some versions are easier to use than others, but most are pretty simple. The Seagate external drive I bought is basically drag and drop technology. Pretty simple.

When reading about External drives, the Maxtor brand rated really high. The pricing was a little too high for me, but you get what you pay for. If you are investing in a new PC, or hard drive, it pays to do a little research. If you can't get the one you want, at least get some kind of back-up so you won't regret it later. Most of us posting, or reading hubs here are probably PC addicted, so take care of your hardware or suffer withdrawl! One of the worst withdrawls I experienced was when I spent 3 days in the hospital and couldn't use the internet. I ALWAYS look up medical conditions when someone is sick. I think ALL hospitals should have hot spots!

OK. Gotta go back to work. Have a great day!

Backup Drive Brings Lowered Stress Levels

It's December 1st, and we had a wild thunderstorm here in upstate NY. That is crazy. Our lights were blinking and we ran and unplugged our computers (all 3). I was thinking what if we do get a power surge, and I haven't backed up? Thank goodness for my new backup drive. I made sure to unplug THAT too!

I feel a little more secure now that I have the external hard drive, but I think sometime I will invest in online backups. I know you have to pay some money every month, but it could be worth it. Right now I keep sinking my money into my online business, and of course my kids. This Christmas will be a Best-Buy electronics celebration! My kids are 10 and 14 and everything they want is electronic.

We did manage to get a Wii, but it wasn't easy. My daughter wants a new stereo system, a portable DVD player, etc...

I want a little peace and quiet. Maybe I won't even use the computer for a couple of hours. :)

Happy shopping.


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