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Has My Pinterest Account Been Hacked? How To Check And How To Protect Your Profile!

Updated on March 10, 2014
Has my Pinterest account been hacked? What to do and how to check.
Has my Pinterest account been hacked? What to do and how to check.

There has been an increase in the number of Pinterest accounts being compromised, or hacked. Boards being set up, pins added, adjustments to website details and even change of location; in many cases to Paris.

For many this is quite unnerving, and unless you know how to check and the steps you need to take to secure your profile it may happen to you without you even knowing about it.

How to check if your Pinterest account has been hacked?

There are a number of key areas within your account that you need to check - the following list is based on facts from those who have unfortunately had their Pinterest accounts compromised.

  • Have there been any boards created that are definitely not yours?
  • Are there pins on any of your boards that you have not added yourself?
  • Check your profile name to ensure that it is still the one you registered.
  • Take a look at your about me section. Has it been altered?
  • If you have links to your Facebook, Twitter or Website, make sure that they are still the correct links.
  • What location does your profile state you are in? (Note: latest threats have seen this altered to Paris)

How to secure your Facebook profile

Websites are hacked everyday, so too are Facebook profiles. Check and re-check your account and security settings on your account today. Here are the steps to follow for Facebook.

What to look out for?

  • You may receive notifications that people are re-pinning your pins – pins which you have never added to your account
  • You may also notice that your pins have been deleted and others added in their place

How to secure your Pinterest account to avoid being hacked

The first thing you need to do is to address your security

  • Password: make sure you immediately change your password. Mix it up a bit. Lowercase and uppercase letters and even a number or two.
  • Log in method: if you use Twitter or Facebook to log into Pinterest, consider choosing an alternative method such as an email address.

Once your account is secure, you need to remove any information or data that you did not input or approve yourself.

  • Profile: review your profile and amend it back to what it should be ensuring to update all links
  • Boards: delete any boards that you did not create or knowingly join yourself
  • Pins: delete any pins that have appeared out of no where.
  • Verify Website: if you have previously linked or verified your associated website, best bet is to re-verify it to freshen up the link and re secure it.

How to prevent being hacked again?

Unfortunately with the Internet we can never be 100% safe. Hackers have their ways of infiltrating even the toughest security systems. But your best bet is to regularly amend your password, which you should do for all sites you access such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even websites, and just keep an eye out for any irregular activity or notifications.

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