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The Online Technology Communications Takeover due to Advanced Wireless IT

Updated on March 20, 2014

Remember them Black & Whites

 Author: videocrab
Author: videocrab | Source

It all started with TV

Thanks to the good ole Boob tube aka Television people worldwide have all chose to receive consumerism like never before. The worldwide statistics on how much actual TV watching has occurred over the total time this cool color making, images spreading, voice box that's been in existence "for centuries now" is just mind blowing!

Nonetheless watching television today trumps what has been done by any sense of the term "watch" which has been done in years past. Well, because now we all are lucky enough to have such a cool thing known as digital. Yup this author typed the keyword "Digital" because of the well known fact that television itself has been forced to evolve from analog to the more HD (High Definition) Era, or aka "Digital Age".

Now there's always a why and how that is also presented in this grand scheme technological equation of sorts. The main reason for such a shift in mindset, as well as television set, was due to the Internet being born. Thus transforming and evolving so rapidly itself, which is actually the brain child of the very first black and white televisions, which are all extinct today I think. "Does anyone have one of those in their homes, one that actually works with rotary knobs and all? hmmm... I wonder?"

Well to tell you the truth, some may still be around in museums and art galleries, but other than that those silly picture tube carrying boxes are all but gone down for the count and lost into the history books of safely kept recollections.

The Ole Apple Machintosh PC

Author: juandesant
Author: juandesant | Source

How the home computer began to change the rules

Now comes the Personal Computer, who hasn't owned one of those bad boys. "I never owned a Mac."

You bet it was the computer that brought on this sort of forceful shift in how even business is to be conducted, both on the ground and online, and ended up in return forcing manufacturers to transform that predecessor the old black and white junker of a television into a much smarter machine.

If it wasn't for the birth of the semi-conductor though, none of this online ravishing mess, playing around with smartphones, sending wireless private texts to friends, and family would never have occurred. Thanks to a little tiny electronic component known as the diode, and a cool dude named William Shockley. Now without his genius mind having play on all things technical, that first diode would have never ever come into existence as well. (Co-Inventor of the transistor - which helped give birth to Silicon Valley... compliments of Wikipedia)

This created and has forged something quite impressive, which was the birth of the Microchip, because every electronic tech mind, and smarty pants curious young gifted kid knows that without them silly looking electronic bugs in their devices they cannot compute even or number crunch a thing.

None, not a single machine today would ever have been able to tell us the time. None of the electronic gadgets would be able to display retinal redistribution phases, display light beams on the level of ultra high frequency band spectrum intensity of ruby red lasers, nor could they use robotic sensors to output or input human thoughts patterns into motion "Darn Radio Frequency Scanners". Not even a short circuited airplane traffic signal or rendering of any of them fancy intuitive Global Positioning System (GPS) signals we've grown dependent on to get directions and find places.

Super cool video that stresses the paragraph down below, Enjoy!

Audio Sensitivity Poll:

Do you have a boom box built into your vehicles, or massive sub woofers at home?

See results

Drilling holes in your ears

"Noise makers" lets get to those bad boys, with all that super-herodyne type stuff going on in them Boom boxes (Just some silly techie electronics mambo jumbo).

Today the digital world has even changed the way us humans choose to hear things. It's changed the way we communicate via smart tablets, and how we transfer audio files to one another on places like SoundCloud.

So how has all this stuff come about?

Well we need to take a trip down memory lane to find out when the first ever semiconductor, actually helped to bring to life what was known as the "Transistor Radio".

Yes indeed there was such a thing in existence, and from that point fourth music was born in the form of radio transmission sound waves, that could be picked up by antennae, and on certain set frequencies and bandwidths, which are some pretty large tech terms, but all it really means is the filter or antenna's could pick up the radio signals at set levels of channel selection. Like on your radio's Lite FM (Frequency Modulation) dial station, or any annoying new radio AM (Amplitude Modulation) station, whenever you heard the fuzz or buzzing noisy sound, that meant you lost the frequency.

Over time these computers were also equipped with hearing aid mechanisms, and we all were now able to communicate with them, and starting with places like Yahoo Music, one of the very first places to conduct musical social experimentation. Not many online web locations had the ability to transfer high speed audio files back in them ancient times of computing online, but Yahoo had something of an anomaly for sure.

Who would have ever though this would come to be or ever known what the Internet aka social web would have grown to become as it all is today. Simple amazing when you catch a glimpse and birds-eye view back at it all through some telescopic peephole such as this article.

Smart Technology Times table - According to Wikipedia

Commercially Available
First General Purpose
Introduced to Public
Early 1980's
Mobile Gadgets
The First Smartphone

Once upon a time tech poll:

Were you born during the tech age, or long before all this techie 007 gadget mania was born?

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Are we all part of an experiment gone Techno Mad

So how and why does any of this technological madness pertain to you? to me, to anyone?

Well folks I'm so sorry to blow the lid off this new age machine mind frame of a thing going on, but yes indeed we have all been dragged into this by force, and its been our eyes, our love for the unknown that done it. Curiosity was said to kill the cat, a great saying that was told to me as a little brat I was. I was spoon fed, always had a pot to piss in, and was loved a little bit to much by my mother.

When I was young though despite all the tender love and care I was given, I knew something was not quite right with us humans. I knew that we were somehow being remotely controlled by the same mechanisms that existed inside my house, because when I stepped outside from time to time. I would see the same things that was on these silly gadgets like that of the television.

Gone mobile Wifi! these gadgets pack a massive digital punch

Author: localjapantimes
Author: localjapantimes | Source

IPad Air sets sail "Peep game!"

When tech became a dependency and crutch

Countless billions of online users today depend on these machines to counterfeit their identifications and online profiles when they choose to join any social platform. The Internet Super Highway itself has been over run by silly scams much of the way, trolls, spammers, and those spam artists who deem it necessary to make a mess of the social communications going on daily.

Do these types of individuals including the content thief types depend on the online portals? many of which have evolved from what the old Internet was in recent years past, and into what is known today as online Cloud's aka from the term suggestive of "Cloud Computing". (Article on the Cloud is located down below at the very bottom of this article, for all those looking to learn more.)

Almost every mode and method of our daily lives can now be monitored on these computing devices, and the advanced techno virtual games are just beginning to heat up (You bet Big brother is watching). Making many more countless folks dependent even on them for things like paying bills, work or career access info, getting jobs, purchasing products, ordering anything they desire to take ownership of, and soon health insurance policies.

This is how my future home office shall look like if this article goes Mega Viral! wish me luck folks, why not share it socially.

 Author: Danny Choo
Author: Danny Choo | Source

How the digital cookie crumbles & technological dependency hurts many

Inquiring minds would love to know how some very lucky folks earn their keep and others aren't achieving a thing today online. As for those cyber criminal types, many of them using false identifiable online profile to invade networks and website spaces they choose to surface. Many are getting detected, but some don't seem to be getting penalized for their cyber crimes today at all like those on Youtube, Facebook, Google Plus and other networking locations here.

It's a shame this has become like this on the Internet, but its what makes things quite challenging indeed, and due to many countless average users becoming also titled and tagged as such labels as well.

Now since there's no set standard rulings on how we are to use these machines many folks go astray, get lost in it all, or simply ignore specific network terms of use. It takes a keen eye, and sometimes help from an experienced networking person to get them to realize what any of this mess is all about, and so much of it here online rolls down hill, and many folks lose out in the process. Getting hit with heavy violations, losing potential to earn revenue streams etc...

That spells total delinquency and dependency on a system that was designed to do what it does. Connecting people together, to get businesses in on the action behind the scenes and in their back central offices, and so the "Kingpin" of them all who's responsible for erecting these social conglomerate networks can hit the ultimate virtual jackpots, when all the chips flip into them money bins.(Look at how much Mark Zuckerberg is worth here online, simply by us sharing everything we wish to share across his Facebook super powerful social network)

Just as what occurs when folks run off to some slot machine parlor, when they may have no idea that the "House Always Wins." a term I learned many years back on my own unfortunate escapades, while playing some silly wheel of fortune.

Rules to these online games were inevitable, and harsh penalties exist for those who have the background knowledge or lack it, and choose not to play fair digital hardball. "Tech knowledge is a super powerful thing to possess today for sure." More on this subject coming soon! thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed, catch all Hub lovers in the comment space below..

© 2014 Mike Pugh


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      &ChristyWrites Thanks you for caring to check it out, I did my best to point out much that's gone on in the years past dealing with technology and leading all the way up till today.

      I mainly tried to focus mostly on the important things that I felt had dealt with the rise of the Internet, which has changed how many of us choose to operate daily, communicate with each other etc... :) I hope more folks can find it to be relevant to them as well.

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 

      4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Really interesting food for thought here, CE. I do think many people are overly dependent on technology these days - you really did poke at a serious issue here. I see from the comments that it's something many people are noticing!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      :) yeah that's how the online attraction games have felt for little ole me. Maybe it was more like magnetic forces LOL andI love this addiction for sure! as well @MsDora.

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      4 years ago from Central Florida

      Mike, I couldn't vote in the 'when you born' poll. I was born in the era of the black and white TV and 8-track tapes were popular when I was young.

      I don't store any of my personal files online. If computers can be hacked, so can online files. I'm also probably the only American who doesn't have a smartphone. I guess I'm still clinging to the simplicity of yesteryear!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      "Dragged by force" couldn't be more accurate; and now we're addicted, controlled, gone mad! Great read.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      @billybuc word bro its a rough game out here, but one I refuse to lose :)

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      4 years ago from New York City

      @tammiejo67 Yes indeed I feel that dependency on technology to do our bidding in this life, surely is taking its toll on us all. Lets hope more folks learn to use it sparingly and for smarter ways to make things happen in the future. I does appear to be getting better slowly but surely.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      To answer the question in your title:....YES!

    • tammiejo67 profile image

      Tammie Hardrick 

      4 years ago from Illinois

      The tech generation gap is having a big impact on the work world. Each generation relates to technology in a different manner. Millenials expect companies to be as adaptable to the new technologies as they are.


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