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Has Your Family Been Burglarized Lately?

Updated on November 16, 2009
Who's watching your home while you're in it or away?
Who's watching your home while you're in it or away?

It could have happened to you


Jamie Conwell and his entire family were home last Christmas and after a long day of celebration opening gifts and having dinner they were all retiring at the end of the day without any knowledge of the burglars outside that was waiting to enter their home when he thought everyone was asleep. The burglars knew the average time the family would be sleep because they had been watching the home and the family’s movements for weeks, they even knew around what time the lights would be out plus that there was no type of Security System.  

You can imagine the horror this family suffered when they awakened the next morning to find almost everything of value gone except the larger items that would have been too hard to get out without much noise. If any of the family members had heard anything that night they probably wrote it off as another family member rumbling around so never got up to check anything, but that holiday turned from joyous to sadness within one night.

The holidays are always a great time to install Home Security Systems because as you have read a break in can happen even if you are home just ask the many victims like the Conwell family. I had a break in several months back but it wasn’t in my home it was actually in my car. I parked a few blocks down from a store I visited on a regular to purchase groceries instead of parking in the overcrowded yet Secured parking lot that had a few Video Surveillance Cameras, that was my first mistake. My second mistake was leaving my cell phone and wallet in the glove compartment with a filled shopping bag on the front seat. My stolen possessions were a couple hundred dollars, of course my cell phone, and the video games I’d purchased for my sons. At the moment I thought to myself it had to have been teens that stole my property because they didn’t take the car and so they were initially after the shopping bag on the front seat gaining entry by breaking the driver’s side window. The craziest part was that I was in a very crowded area but nobody saw anything, I couldn’t blame anyone else because had I bought the Car Alarm Security System that I had been checking out online it probably wouldn’t have stopped them but it would have alerted others to what was taking place immediately and I would have been alerted via key ring.

Having that much needed extra Security provides a sense of safety and comfort for both you and your family. I have a do it yourself Home Video Security System as well as Video Security Systems for each of  the cars I know that’s a little too much Security have learned you can never be too safe. The reason I chose a Video Security System is because if a robbery were to take place or burglary in or out of the home the Video Surveillance Cameras would catch something of use to the authorities if the criminals were to get away. Security Video Surveillance has many advantages but when purchasing you may want to look into Wireless Security Camera Systems so there’s not much work to do with entangling wires when installing.

While stressing the importance of Home Security Systems I cannot believe that people are actually choosing to purchase the Fake Security Cameras instead of the real thing. The Fake Security Cameras will only add protection from the criminals that are complete dummies unless it’s a really good security system that’s a replica in feel and performance of the real thing but you have nothing to show authorities just in case crime comes to your doors. You can find many good prices all over the internet right now for Security Camera Systems to protect you and your families so it’s an investment well made,


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