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Haswell Intel Processor

Updated on August 15, 2012

Haswell 2013 Ultrabook

Haswell 2013 Ultrabook
Haswell 2013 Ultrabook

Haswell Ultrabooks in 2013

Intel will be letting loose their Haswell chips in early 2013. This will be a huge game changer in the Ultrabook market. So what is important about these new Haswell chips? Well, Intel will merge the CPU with the chipset itself. By going this route, it will allow Ultrabooks to be created even more thinner and lighter. Additionally, power expenditure will be reduced by as much as twenty percent!

The Wintel's Haswell 2013 Ultrabook is a killer!

The Ultrabook with Haswell in 2013 has extraordinary machinery in the processor. The processor will run with half the power to for cooling, so that you will have the necessary power to browse the web and do mundane work (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc) while on-the-go. As you plug in the Ultrabook into the next gen docking station with a cooling platform built-in, the processor will activate into full desktop powerhouse. In essence, the Haswell 2013 Ultrabook will be able to function as your notebook and as a desktop whenever you need it to.


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