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Have a spare £10 Million? Why not buy the worlds most expensive smart phone?

Updated on June 14, 2013
IPhone 5 Black Diamond
IPhone 5 Black Diamond

The worlds most expensive mobile smart phone

So, you've just banked an extra few £'s after selling your unwanted item's on Ebay, congratulations. Why not go ahead and employ a designer to personally design a mobile phone case, just for you? Sounds a little unnecessary you say? Why would I not just buy an angry birds case and be satisfied I hear you ask? Well, for some, standard off the shelf cases are just not enough. Take 'Joe', a high end businessman from China. Joe decided to hire British designer Stuart Hughes, then ask him to trick out an IPhone 5 like non before. The result, a one of a kind piece of mobile telephony equipment like no other, a silky golden phone fit for a king. A phone valued at a whopping £10 million! Don't drop it Joe!

So lets break that 'I can now retire and live a life of luxury' figure down and get into some details of the worlds most expensive smart phone.

So why the title 'IPhone 5 Black Diamond'? At its core, the home button, lies a 26 carat black diamond! This is the main culprit for generating that colossal value. Lets just say when your exiting your favorite app, you can do so in style! The case itself contains 26ct gold, an estimated 135 grams worth. Then dotted around the outside are 600 white diamonds. The screen is also something special, sapphire glass. However this is the same material apple use's for the camera lens but it is too expensive to use for the whole touchscreen as a standard.

Now for the part of the title 'IPhone 5'.Well, melt away the pure gold and chisel through the hundreds of diamonds and you have the bare bones of an IPhone 5. All IPhone 5 functionality and software are identical to that of a standard IPhone 5, nothing unique about the underlying software here.

So there you have it, the worlds most expensive mobile smartphone. Now I now you cant wait to have one for yourself, so the link to Stuarts website is below. Also rest assured, for those of us just short of a few thousand, i'm sure finance is available...


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