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Have You Been Germed By A Cell Phone?

Updated on October 23, 2012

Do you like germs? Fear germs? Wash your hands after touching anything? Have you been called a "clean freak"?

Germs are everywhere, most are harmless to the human body. Health officials warn you about the common cold, flu, and other bacteria that could invade your body causing sickness unless you wash your hands, cover your mouth, breath clean air, drink clean water and so on. Huh, the worse violator is your own cell phone or any cell phone. The phone goes to ear, mouth and nose. All "doors" for bacteria on the phone to slip insidiously inside your body.

Yeah, but, is this a real threat? People can get the flu, pinkeye, colds, diarrhea from a cell phone that belonged to an infected person. The little germy things are just like fleas, just waiting for a new host to attach to. Cell phones see many more places where more germs are, like gyms, sweaty hands, cough talkers, pillow, treadmills, public restrooms etc. Could E. Coli be transferred? Anything is possible, depends on where the phone was.

In a random test for bacteria on eight cell phones, bacteria levels were gross- between 2700-4200 units of coliform bacteria. Drinking water limits are 1 unit per 100 ml. Yikes! Hey, seems nobody washed hands before making a phone call. Germs that make you sick are there just as they are there from handles in a restroom.

The moral of this story is to carefully wipe your cell phones using Isopropyl Alcohol, which kills 99% of the germs, Windex kills 90%, cleaning wipes-80%, water only 4%. Another study of 100 cell phones showed that 20-30% of viruses can be easily transferred from a fingertip to a glass surface.

Germs are lurking everywhere!


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